Social Media for Your Business

Cherry-Picking the Right Social Media for Business

With the sheer volume of social media sites available, small businesses can be tempted to join all of them. After all, greater range means a better chance of connecting with your audience. Right?

On the contrary; being on every platform isn’t an advantage. Doing so will spread your marketing strategy thin, costing time and resources, while sacrificing true connections with the right audience. Rather than creating a presence on every platform, be deliberate.

Choose the best social media sites for your business to capitalize on effective marketing. The important question: Which ones do you need?


1. Snapping Photos on Instagram

As they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words. When you advertise your business through image-oriented content, you expose your audience to real-time evidence of your work and expertise. You don’t have to be a trained photographer; all that’s necessary on Instagram is being honest about your image.

Instagram offers you more than an opportunity for transparency. The platform utilizes organic marketing, so you can find free outreach success. Different industries will benefit from different platforms, of course, but visual content via Instagram catches the eye and shares a message quicker than text.


2. Stories Through Snapchat

In a similar vein, Snapchat and Snapchat Stories are on the rise as unconventional marketing tools. The brevity of stories–which last from anywhere between one second and a minute–allows your audience to control their engagement with your business. While it may feel risky to hand that control over, doing so shows that you respect your customers and strive for more honest engagement.

Snapchat Stories can only be viewed once, but you can make them available for up to 24 hours at a time. You also have the opportunity to share a photo or video directly with your audience or to individual influencers’ Snapchat stories.


While Snapchat may be better for businesses with a younger audience, the platform breaks marketing conventions and encourages advertising creativity without compromising your bottom line.


3. Tweeting on Twitter

Finally, there’s the reliable Twitter. Twitter’s post brevity encourages a greater level of engagement than a diatribe on Facebook. Not only that, but Twitter’s trademark #hashtags are a great way to reach your audience directly. You can track your keywords as hashtags and respond to users’ questions and needs. You’ll simultaneously create an image of your company as human, generating increased interest in the product or service you have to offer.

The Internet is an ever-changing landscape, but you don’t have to conquer all of it. Find your ideal platforms and dig in your heels. Commitment to a few key areas will prove more beneficial to your bottom line than spreading yourself thin.



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