What is an Audience?

Audience – The unique group of people who are interested in you or your company and how they can benefit from your products or services.

It refers to that part of the population that is intended to reach or influence the website; This is closely linked to the nature of the proposed site.

All the information obtained will be used to establish part of the design criteria, content, languages, structure, aesthetics, among others.

Know Your Audience

Those who create a web structure must know the audience to which they are going (real users) and search, identify and meet potential users (potential users).

There is a specific audience for a specific product and web structures are more effective if they are thought and directed to specific audiences constantly studied.


It is important to know our first intended audience and contemplate other possible audiences, each day it is more frequent that Web sites present access by profiles where they take into account the different interests that can lead a user to visit a Web site.

It is essential at this stage to collect as much information as possible from the users, otherwise, we will never be able to satisfy them neither with the contents nor with the roads we design for them.

The knowledge of the audience is not limited to this first stage, it should be a constant action through impact measurements either with statistical studies of server use, surveys or knowing the questions, it is a key task for feedback.


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