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Google. Amazon. Youtube. Facebook. Twitter. The companies may shift, but enormous digital empires are here to stay—and you need to stay up-to-date on the latest online innovations that connect you to your customers.

In an age dominated by the consumer, implementing technology that can track, measure and respond to key shifts in consumer behavior could well make or break a business. Automation and AI are supplementing the workforce to provide greater levels of efficiency an insight and customer obsession is the foundation of organizational success.

The technological arena is full of daily advances. We’ll keep you on the cutting edge of social media and search network trends, so you can continue to engage your audiences online via the sites they visit every day.

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Political carefully expressing politics in business
Sara Sargent
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It’s Complicated: Political Stances and Your Business

The more politicized the world becomes, the more difficult it is to build a business on particular ideals. It is even more difficult for long-established businesses to… Continue Reading It’s Complicated: Political Stances and Your Business