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9 Brands That Are Doing Instagram Ads Correctly







You need to take advantage of Instagram.

Do you want to generate more consumer interest in your products and brand? The up-and-coming social media platform houses 75 million daily active users, 90 percent of whom are under the age of 35.

Take a look at some of the brands that know how to play to Instagram’s strengths.


1. Michael Kors and Accessible Luxury

Luxury brand Michael Kors recently released a video carousel ad on Instagram stories designed to draw more attention to its new Access Smartwatches. Basically with the help of Romanian model and influencer, Andreea Diaconu, the carousel boosted Michael Kors’ click-through-rate three times over.


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The watch that brings your life to life—meet the new Sofie smartwatch with the Google Assistant. #AccessItAll

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Partner that success with a 20 percent ROI, and Michael Kors’ combination of fashion, technology. And short video clips reveal one surefire formula to win over Instagram consumers.


2. Domino’s and the Hungry College Student

Domino’s has mastered the “native” approach to Instagram.

Even though the account is held and operated by employees, it looks like it’s run by a college student. Partner that native appearance with the popularity of food pictures on Instagram. And Domino’s attracts enough daily social conversation to keep its sales on the rise.


3. Starbucks and Influencer Magic

Upon the opening of Starbucks’ Reserve Roastery in Chelsea, New York, the brand maneuvered its already significant Instagram following into prime marketing position with the help of several Instagram influencers.

Through a combination of localized marketing and hashtag use, Starbucks was able to use Alyssa Lenore, Will Taylor, and Chelsea. As of Late to garner a 3.42 percent engagement rate on its Reserve Roastery marketing campaign.


4. One Foot Forward With TOMS

TOMS’ bolstered its one-to-one strategy in 2015 by encouraging consumers to take pictures of their bare feet. Sound strange?

Maybe, but TOMS paired its #withoutshoes campaign with a promise to deliver a pair of shoes to a child in need for every photo that was taken. The company donated 296,243 shoes as a result of the campaign and tapped into the millennial desire to see activism in their marketing campaigns.


5. The New York Times Seizes the Moment

The NYT’s emphasis on independent journalism strikes a political chord with millennial audiences on Instagram.

As a result, the company’s subscription-oriented Instagram ads have caught the eye of a number of consumers. That leading to financial gains where the company had previously been on the decline.


6. Bee Sweet with Haagen-Dazs

In a move that combined environmental activism and sweets. Although ice cream company Haagen-Dazs used Instagram stories to promote Free Cone Day.

Once again, millennial social awareness contributes to this ad’s success.


7. Huda Beauty and Influencers

Of courses, you can’t mention Instagram without mentioning beauty bloggers. Furthermore, HudaBeauty has Instagram influencer Huda Kattan firmly in its marketing bullpen.


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Huda Kattan’s 37.8 million followers and fashion-forward makeup tutorials make her platform ideal for a company such as Huda Beauty.

It’s easier than you might think to use Instagram to your advantage. Partner long- and short-term content, consumer participation, and influencer support. And your marketing campaign will improve engagement and ROI in no time.

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