App Store Optimization (ASO)

Make a better first impression for lasting downloads.
You have a matter of seconds to sell your app store in the leading stores before your audience will keep scrolling—and especially on small screens, high store ranking is everything.
At MV3 Marketing, we know how to leverage all aspects of APP Store Optimization (ASO) in your favor to consistently convince consumers to download your app, not your competitor’s
App Store Optimization download psychology

Learn the secrets behind App Store Optimization download psychology.


We’re not here to get in an argument over Android vs iOS. Both markets offer equally-valuable opportunities to increase your brand visibility and convert new customers.

We’ve heard it all: you’ve developed the best app but still can’t attract many views or downloads. This isn’t an uncommon phenomenon, and fortunately, you’ve come the right place.

At MV3, we’re App Store Optimization experts. From icon enhancement to description content to indexing and keyword building, we have an entire optimization toolbox at our disposal to help the leading stores find your app, rank your app higher, and skyrocket your downloads.

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Users choose their apps for visual appeal first, utility appeal second. We’ll help you use this to your advantage, so you can be the one with the picture-perfect app instead of watching from the sidelines.

If users can’t find your app among the 2.1 million others, they can’t enjoy it. Above all, your app deserves visibility.

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No redesigns required
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Improving your search placement in marketplaces like iTunes and Google Play directly translates to more interaction with potential customers—and ultimately, more app downloads.

By finessing your App Store Optimization for more views, you also:

  • Increase brand exposure
  • Amplify audience engagement
  • Gain traction via positive rankings and reviews
  • Diversify your marketing channels

Apps offer a distinct benefit to your company: instant access, whenever, wherever. App stores reward properly-optimized apps with higher visibility, but truly successful apps all have one thing in common: they all offer a valuable solution to the user.

We’ll teach you everything we know (which, if we do say so ourselves, is everything.)

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Change the way users interact with your app.


Fun fact: there’s more to ASO than simply boosting your app to the top of the search results. The real proof is in the numbers. At MV3, we count every conversion and download as a marker of success, but the more the merrier.

Our job isn’t done until we optimize—and maximize—your reach, and to do this, we ensure your app is properly represented among the competition.

Our results deliver more than winning numbers. We use data-driven metrics to test what’s working and what isn’t, so you can adjust your title, description, icon and more to suit the preferences of your users. You’ll get in-depth, easy-to-read reports on every user interaction, so you can watch the trends with your own eyes.

With MV3 at your side, your competition doesn’t stand a chance.

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Change the way users interact with your app

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