Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising for businesses offers the ability to tailor each part of an ad campaign: Audience, goal, and budget.

Within the audience category, the social media platform excels at letting advertisers target their consumers most effectively. With Custom Audiences, for example, social media advertisers spent an average of 59% less on their campaigns. Whether deciding to manually select a target for your ad campaign or upload a contact list and have Facebook provide recommendations, the options are all highly customizable and effective.

Establishing the goal of your ads campaign is an essential step in ensuring maximum efficiency and optimization. The options include:

  1. Build your brand presence
  2. Spread awareness
  3. Drive discovery
  4. Generate leads
  5. Increase sales
  6. Encourage customer loyalty

Simply by creating a business page and boosting posts, Facebook marketing agencies are able to increase post engagement by 4 times and achieve an almost 0.5% click-through rate with a Facebook ad campaign. With Instagram also at the disposal of social media advertisers, along with the 60% of users on that platform that use it for discovering new products, Facebook advertising agencies have an enhanced ability to fulfill a brand’s goals.

Budgeting works similarly to Google: Bid for your ad. Your bid determines how likely it is to appear to the most relevant users. With the ability to select whether to pay per conversion or impression, MV3 Marketing can more simply both launch a campaign and then track those finances and adjust effectively for their clients.

FB Growth

From when it was founded in 2004, Facebook has grown to over 2 billion monthly active users, and over 1.6 billion mobile monthly users. Considering the fact that the global population is just about 7.5 billion people, that means over one-quarter of the world’s population use Facebook.

Whether you’re a small or large business owner, this figure regarding Facebook usage makes it obvious the potential Facebook marketing has for reaching a massive audience. All it takes is an effective ad strategy. There are over 65 million business pages already in existence, and 62% of people check Facebook first to find out more about a local business.

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