AR/VR Marketing


Alternative-reality marketing can increase your brand exposure, provide unique experiences and keep you ahead of the competition. We’ll help you immerse your customers in a custom-built world to boost conversions.

fictional to fantastical

From fictional to fantastical.

In the not so distant past, augmented reality and virtual reality were ideas from science fiction films. Still in its infancy even now, VR technology is no longer a geeky gimmick. In fact, the growing AR and VR industries are projected to be worth $29.5 billion by 2020.

The terms ‘augmented’ and ‘virtual’ reality are thrown around left, right and center by consumers, tech nerds, bloggers and businessmen. What’s the difference?

  • Virtual Reality: Puts you, the user, in a simulated world or virtual experience.
  • Augmented Reality: Content is layered on top of the real world through the lens of a mobile device.

AR/VR Marketing - One unique experience to rule them all.

Knock the brand experience out of the park by building customer relationships on a personal level. You’re in control of the environment: your simulation, your rules. AR/VR techniques allow you to control exactly what customers see, feel and do without any interference.

In alternative-reality marketing, there’s no lack of likes, or lackluster reviews, to taint the customer experience and encourage negative opinions: just your tailored and targeted experience.

AR and VR provide an opportunity to create an environment that plays on a customer’s emotions, because your customers are more likely to engage with your brand when they feel excited and happy about it.

AR/VR Marketing

Companies like yours are already using Augmented and Virtual Reality as a significant marketing channel to distinguish their brand from their competitors.

AR/VR Marketing technology

Simulations: not just for pilots anymore.

Marketing your products and services through AR/VR tech builds a whole new layer of speed and convenience for your customers.

With our AR/VR Marketing technology, you can walk your prospects through their brand new kitchen—before they part with their hard-earned dollars. Want your customers to have a virtual tour of your store before they set a foot out the door? We can do that, too.

MV3 helps you deliver that experience to prospective customers in a first-person world, tipping them over the edge from prospect to customer.

Creating a valuable, emotionally engaging experience for customers allows them to see and feel beyond the realm of internal visualization and forges physical, loyal bonds with your brand.

AR/VR Marketing - Introducing a new facet of brand exposure.

With more people blocking targeted ads on the internet, the window of opportunity for paid advertising is getting smaller. VR presents a whole world of opportunity to slide a larger marketing strategy into the proverbial inbox of the target audience’s mind.

Our technologies laugh in the face of ad blockers everywhere. We’ll build a custom-designed world that allows your company to gamify even a technical product. When users can see individual components for a product in a 3D world, they see that they’re getting bang for their buck.

Companies want to convert, customers want to feel gratification: it’s a win for both parties.

AR/VR tech applications are currently implemented in the tourism, real estate, food, retail and home improvement sectors by startups and large brands, and we have hands in all industries. What can we do for yours?

AR/VR Marketing

Marketing strategies are binary; they either deliver or they don’t. Augmented and Virtual reality is the next step in building a tailored experience, and MV3’s experts will help you create a world where your customer feels like the most important person on the planet. How do we do it? Ask us today.


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