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Is brand image more important than engagement?

Every business wants to cultivate a strong, professional online persona. But is that the best way to connect with customers? Recent trends reveal that transparency—and, more importantly, humanity—actually does a better job of securing audience loyalty than a perfectly-framed Twitter page.

What does that mean for you?

It’s time to chase brand transparency and use your scuffs, cuffs, and bruises to show your audience that your business is, at its core, a human team—just like everyone else.


The Appeal of a ‘Human’ Brand Image

Once upon a time, flashy advertising was the key to product appeal. It mattered less what a product or service offered the consumer; conversions were all about the presentation.

In the modern age of selling, though, it’s not the flash or the bang that catches an audience’s eye. Instead, consumers have increasingly noted a preference for advertising and company images that embrace honesty.

Why the change? As pretty as fireworks can be, the modern consumer values substance over flash, and the same applies to brand image cultivation. You can utilize all the clever memes and top influencers, but oversaturated “fluff” is less and less likely to attract a loyal audience.

‘Human’ elements add more than facts and history to your brand. By being forthright about your product and ethics, you’ll add inherent value in the eyes of your customers.


Honest Engagement > Engagement Numbers

Fluff is the last thing you want clouding your online image. To overcome this hurdle, you need to emphasize the value of your product or service— and you need to do so in a way that’s frank and straightforward.


This doesn’t mean you have to forgo a bit of fun in your online presence. In fact, humanizing your company over social media is one of the best ways to engage with new consumers. Just remember, it’s not the engagement itself that matters: it’s the value you project.

Ask yourself: Are we honest about our product’s worth? What about its capabilities? How can we advertise this product to emphasize its usefulness in such a way that people feel it’s an essential addition to their homes, as well as a product that can be reused?

Being honest with yourself and with your audience can be an intimidating thing. By taking a step toward building brand value, however, you guarantee better connections with your consumer audience, and better company growth, in the future.


Embracing a Transparent Brand Image

What are some of the best ways to embrace honest marketing?


    Make sure the workings of your product are understandable to a layperson.
    Show off the process of creating your product and the way you interact with your peers in the office.
    Don’t try to bamboozle an audience with jokes, puns, or other tricks. Your audience appreciates being treated like smart consumers, and they’ll be more likely to return to your product if they feel they’re treated with respect.

There’s a distinct appeal that consumer audiences have found in transparency, one marked by audience engagement. To see your business grow, it might be worth changing the way you approach your audience.

Consider embracing your company’s humanity. And if you need help fine-tuning this approach, consider contacting the pros at MV3. We’re here to help.



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