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Facebook or Bust? The Art of Social Media Advertising.

It seems like everyone (and their mother, their grandmother, their dog, and their baby) is on Facebook today. Why would you need to use any other social media advertising platforms to spread the word about your business?

Supposedly, Facebook has reached a saturation point. The more saturated a platform is with users and advertisers, the less effective your business’ ads are going to be. You can approach this problem in one of two ways.


  1. Pay for your advertisements to be promoted above the noise and expand your marketing budget, or:
  2. Seek out a more attentive audience elsewhere.

This isn’t to say that you should abandon platforms such as Facebook. You won’t want to put all your eggs in Zuckerberg’s basket, though, and you have a few things to keep in mind.


If you’re considering diversifying your social media advertising strategy, where do you start?


Consider a Future of Ad Mobility

You’ll want to consider the mobile compatibility of any platform you’re interested in advertising on. Mobile marketing is on the rise, and the vast majority of consumers conduct product searches and research from their phones.

As a result, your ads need to be mobile compatible, as do the platforms you post on. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all thrive in mobile format, but what about platforms such as LinkedIn? What about Spotify? Both platforms are viable ad-placement options, but Spotify works smoothly on mobile while LinkedIn is still working out its kinks.

While any social media advertising campaign can still be successful on a non-mobile platform, it’s not a sustainable solution for the future. Think ahead and ensure that your ads are reaching, and will continue to reach, the audience you want to communicate with. (Hint: that audience is likely mobile.)


Keep Your Ads on Niche-appropriate Platforms

In the world of social media advertising, relevance doesn’t refer to a platform’s popularity or audience scope. Relevance refers to the connection that can be forged between your business and the content that you’re pushing via your chosen platform.


When placing your ads on one platform or another, make sure that your message jives with that of your publisher. You won’t want to publish an advertisement for wedding supplies on LinkedIn, for example. This attention to your target demographic’s location online gets more of the eyes you want on your work.

Again, deliberate attention is sometimes a more powerful marketing result than millions of quick, forgetful glimpses.


A Look into the Breadth of the Internet

Where, then, can you potentially start running your advertisements? Consider branching your next marketing campaign out onto these additional social media platforms:


Your audience is also as diverse as the social media platforms they operate on. If you want to reach a specific audience, you need to go to them. Why not explore some of the niche areas of the internet to see if equivalent marketing success is out there?



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