Pinterest To Launch A New Product

How Pepsi Used Pinterest To Launch A New Product

Pinterest is moving in on the advertising game. These days, you’re just as likely to find wedding inspiration as you are Pepsi ads on the image-focused platform.

Clearly, there’s money to be made in the world of visual advertising, and Pinterest advertising knows that.

After announcing a move toward purchasable pins earlier in 2019, Pinterest’s revenue saw a striking 62 percent spike.


One company taking full advantage of Pinterest’s new interest in marketing is Pepsi.

Recently, the company started to advertise its Quaker Kids organic food on the boards of pinning mothers and other related audience members. How did the company decide to move in this direction, and is it worth your time to follow suit?


What’s This About Pepsi’s Initiative?

Pepsi, along with a few other companies, is leading the Pinterest advertising charge. With what, you ask?

The company recently put its stock into a new line of organic foods marketed by Quaker Kids. Awareness is rising about children’s health, and as a result, this food line is expected to make waves in the homes of kids with dietary challenges.

To reach those homes, Pepsi has invested in promoted videos and pins through Pinterest. Ideally, these pins will appear explicitly as ads when parents search for healthy snack ideas for their kids.

That kind of natural integration with existing interests works like a heightened version of a search engine’s SERPs – consumers find what they’re looking for and then some in a seemingly natural environment.


So How Can You Get In on the Pinterest Ad Lineup?

We’ve mentioned promoted videos and pins – but what kind of ads can you choose from on a platform like Pinterest?

Well, there are a lot—but it might not be that different from your current social media advertising. Pinterest advertising actually mirrors Facebook with some of the available presentations. These include:


  • Promoted Pins
  • One-Tap Pins
  • Promoted Carousels
  • Promoted Video Pins
  • Buyable Pins
  • Story Pins

The most intriguing of these options in the buyable pin. Now, instead of searching for a product on a third-party platform, Pinterest is able to facilitate purchases on its own. By allowing for this option, Pinterest ensures an increase in its own revenue as well as a bolstered relationship with sellers all across the web.


Building a Business Account Through Pinterest

Do you want to advertise your own products through Pinterest? It’s easier than you might think to create a business profile on the platform. Just take the following steps and you’ll find your products circulating alongside Pepsi’s in no time.


1. Convert an existing Pinterest account into a business account, or create a new account for your business.

2. Install the Pinterest tag.

3. Choose a campaign goal.

4. Outline your campaign budget.

5. Craft an ad group.

6. Identify your audience.

7. Select your ad placement.

8. Interweave interests and keywords into your ad copy and architecture.

9. Set your advertising schedule.

10. Place your bids.

11. Set your campaign speed (standard or accelerated).

12. Choose which pins to promote.

13. Launch your campaign.

From here, you can use Pinterest Ads Manager to observe your analytics and prepare future ad campaigns accordingly.

Pinterest is making moves to join the rest of its peers in the world of marketing. If you move quickly, you can join Pepsi as one of the first companies to make your products purchasable instead of just pinned.

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