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Coronavirus in Usa

Coronavirus in USA & Communications

Well, the coronavirus is here and Effecting Business, School, Churches, and Organizations around the World and at Home here in the USA.

So, let review the way that we can help Plan and Communicate with our Business Associates, Customer, Family and Friends, and Customers.

One of the most important things you can do is communicate with your employees. Many are likely concerned about their health and how they can continue working as more things get shut down. 

As many of the employees are working from home communication is very important to all of us.

Invest in work-from-home technology

While most people likely have a phone, a computer, and an internet connection, some may not have enough bandwidth to do the kind of work they do at the office at home. Some companies may also not be set up with the right collaboration tools, such as internal communications programs or secure Wi-Fi networks to allow for remote work.

Create a disaster preparedness policy 

A lot of companies haven’t planned for a crisis on this scale, but as many are finding out now, they need one Now! A good plan will cover several things, including procedures around remote work. It should spell out how people should work from home and what tools they’ll need to get the job done; how to handle travel; what to do about meetings and more.

It’s also important to include things such as insurance coverage for business closures or trip cancellations, how to get financing when no one is investing, what lines of credit are in place, supply chain alternatives and more, says Sherman.


While service businesses may be able to continue operating in some way, other companies, such as restaurants or local movie theaters, will have to think hard about how to manage staff and cash flows if people stop going out. “What is plan B?” he says. “If something were to happen, do I have the right alternative business models in place?”

All of this should be documented, says Sherman, as it shows that people are thinking about what could happen in a worst-case scenario, and it acts as an easy-to-reference guide on what to do, how to communicate and how to keep the business running in difficult times. “You need all the elements of a crisis-management or disaster-preparedness plan in place,” he says.

You need all the elements of a crisis-management or disaster-preparedness plan in place.

No matter what happens, small- and medium-sized businesses will no doubt take some sort of hit to their bottom line. While the government may step in to help to introduce a bill in Congress to provide up to $2 million in interest-free loans to companies affected by the outbreak — business owners need to be proactive and do what they need to do to keep their doors open, even if their employees aren’t there.

Coronavirus in the USA So, lets review

As many of the employees are working from home communication is very important to all of us.

Here a few ideas that may help your business or organization to stay up to date and maintain a contract with customers and friends and family.

  1. Set up a call each day that everyone can call in on. There several ways to do this, I like to use it’s easy to set up and you can have as many people attend the call and control the calls with the host. This is a great option for School and Church to use to get information out and update each other on needs and requests.
  2. Daily Emails and updates are a great way to keep other Updated.
  3. Use Skype for one on one conversations!
  4. You can use Facetime for one on one conversation.
  5. For Business and Church and Organization set up an online account to receive online orders and payments or Donations.
  6. Create PodCast and Video to keep in touch or keep employees and customers informed
  7. Create new Marketing Plans and  as Markets change during this time


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