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Facebook Ad Copy Secrets

Facebook may have reached its ad saturation point, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop posting content on the platform. Facebook is still the most-used form of social media active today. If you’re going to reach out to your audience, there’s no better way to do it than through this versatile medium. So ask yourself: how’s your Facebook ad copy?

Because of the aforementioned ad saturation, your copy needs to be unique. Not the generic kind of unique, either. No—you need to use careful and meaningful rhetoric to catch your audience’s attention, along with a few other tricks.

If you want your content to stand out from the rest, consider Facebook’s evolving marketplace, search algorithms, and, most importantly, the ad features that will catch your audience’s attention.


Tip 1: Boost Your Rhetoric

Rhetoric frames your copy. Words like “want,” “need,” and “urge,” for example, all make consumers think about the products or services that could make their lives easier. These staple words will always have a place in ad copy. It’s your responsibility, though, to build upon them.

Consider the following:


  • Which emotions do you want your product to elicit in consumers?
  • What kind of memories do you want your consumers to associate with your business?
  • How should your tone impact your posts?
  • What business image are you selling along with your product?

The rhetoric you use in your copy needs to sell a feeling along with a product. Look to any Toll House Cookie commercial for an example. Where you hear a mother talking to her child about Christmas cookie traditions, your fellow marketers see capitalization on nostalgia that’s guaranteed to sell products.


Tip 2: Drive Action!

You want to do more with your Facebook ad copy than build a feeling, though; you need to promote action. Direct your consumers appropriately, and you’ll find they’re more willing to sign up for members-only groups or download your platform’s content.

For example, copy advertising a members-only Facebook group could read: “Work with your fellow business owners to improve your marketing strategies.” The goal and consumer reward are immediately clear, and the ad promotes action.



Tip 3: Keep up with the Times

You should also be actively taking advantage of Facebook Business’ analytical tools. You need to do so to keep your ad copy relevant. Relevancy here applies both to timeliness and to personal interest. If you’re able to segment your audience, you can be certain that copy emphasizing home care, for example, reaches parents instead of college students.

Timeliness is a little more difficult to manage on Facebook. While it takes active skill to respond to in-the-moment events online and in the real world, you can schedule copy ahead of time to make sure it pops up during high-traffic or otherwise applicable hours.


Tip 4: Entertain the Eyeballs

You already know that you need to use visuals to attract an audience’s eye. Numbers work, too. The phrase, “Save 50 percent on your next purchase,” for example, is more visually appealing than, “save fifty percent on your next purchase.” Not only that, but it lists a specific amount to be saved in a readable font. That kind of accessibility and visual difference will help your posts stand out in a crowd.

Facebook may be overpopulated with ad copy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete. Stay creative and choose your words carefully to see the greatest success.



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Image attribution: Sondem – stock.adobe.com