Lining content with organic keywords

Cultivate a Home-Grown Audience with Organic Keyword SEO

Organic keywords fortify your SEO game and bring in your target audience.

These keywords are considered more natural sources of traffic than their PPC, or pay-per-click, cousins. Why? Because you haven’t had to spend money on marketing to win over the crowds they attract.

With that said, how can you utilize organic keywords in your SEO? The process is more straightforward than you might expect.

Researching Organic Keywords

While your industry will provide you with some stand-by keywords that you can integrate into your content, you don’t want to rely upon guesswork to optimize your SERP rankings. Instead, you can assess keyword data with any number of available online keyword tools.

Use tools like WordStream or Wordtracker to search a topic and find which keywords have been used in peer material. You can then assess which keywords have attracted the most user clicks and use those in your own work. This leveraging of organic search volume makes your own use of the keywords more organic, creating a cycle of natural marketing and capitalization on the curiosities of an existing consumer market.

Choosing Your Keywords

You can’t just throw a bunch of commonly searched keywords into your content at random. You need to choose keywords that are especially relevant to your business, the product you’re selling, and the content you’re creating.

Use a combination of long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords to naturally integrate these phrases into your work. When you focus on creating authoritative and especially readable content, your use of keywords should go unnoticed by your audience—even as Google’s crawlers pick up on the inclusions.


Folding Organic Keywords into Your Content

Once you’ve done your research and chosen the few keywords that you intend to include in your content, you can begin finding places in your content and platform’s architecture to include them naturally.

Your URL and titles are easy wins. To optimize your use of organic keywords, though, you’ll need to get creative. Avoid keyword stuffing, but take advantage of alt text, meta descriptions and subheadings.

Organic keywords are your ticket to a more effective advertising campaign that won’t break the bank. Take advantage of the resources that the Internet provides you. Do your research, too. When you find the keywords that catch Google’s eye, you’ll be able to capitalize on the organic search volume audience that follows.


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