Clickless Chrome Search Bar

How To Work With The Clickless Chrome Search Bar

There has been a rise in no-click SERPs lately. It seems that Google Chrome and Android have seized on this trend, as they’ve worked together to eliminate it in searches as well.

In a recent update, Google Chrome and Android announced that users will be able to type searches into query bars and receive an answer to their questions without ever submitting the question itself. While this serves as a significant update in the effectiveness of search engines, it also makes it significantly more difficult for non-Google sponsored answers to make their way to users.


From Zero-Click to Zero-Search

Google already shares its own content (in the form of boxes and ads) with consumers before the content generated by other businesses. If Google, through Chrome search bar, is able to provide consumers with answers to their questions without the need for an actual search, the company can continue on this path with ease.

In short, it won’t matter what kind of mobile SEO other businesses utilize. If a consumer doesn’t follow through with a search, then they won’t be exposed to non-Google content.

Given that this update won’t only affect Android Chrome users, there is additional need for concern. This Google update will also revamp desktop versions of Chrome search bar, impacting potentially large chunks of your target audience.


A Statistic Response

You could argue that, with Apple outpacing Android, content creators and business owners don’t need to reconfigure their SEO usage entirely to compete with Android apps.


However, 63.72 percent of people who have a smartphone conduct their searches using Google Chrome search bar. Comparatively, only 16.34 percent of smartphone users take advantage of Apple’s Safari. Even fewer use the search engine that comes pre-installed with an Android phone.


Click Generation

If Google is actively working to eliminate clicks, how can you continue to attract searchers to your website? Fortunately, there are a few different strategies you can use, including:


  • Build a Strong Backlink NetworkBacklinks do more than build your business’s authority. They also draw in consumer attention from other sites. Make sure that your links appear on other businesses’ platforms by instigating collaborations. When you do, you effectively learn to share your audience with another business—and you’ll guarantee a few clicks along the way.
  • Use Long-Tail, Question-Oriented Keywords – Consumers who shop on their phones often search for goods by using long-tail, question-oriented keywords. By integrating these types of keywords into your existing content, you may find that your content rises in SERP ranking. This doesn’t solve the no-click problem, but it does make your content readily available if a consumer goes through with their search.
  • Post on Social Media Frequently – Where Google-sponsored results may dominate SERPs, they’ve yet to take over social media. Generate a strong social media following by posting relevant, revisit-able content, and you’ll continue to draw in consumer clicks.
  • Make Your Content a Resource – Consumers will also come back to content they can use as a resource over and over again. If you create content that spans industries and provides consumers long-term answers to their burning questions, you’ll retain their interest.
  • Cultivate a Strong Snippet – Snippets on Google are the way of the future. Make sure you’re using your snippets to answer consumer questions and to provide them with additional value.

It’s difficult to beat Google at its own game, especially when there’s seemingly a new update around every corner. Even so, it’s worth your time to try—especially when clicks are at stake.

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