organic vs. paid b2b traffic

Organic vs. Paid Traffic: How Do You Choose?

Some consider organic traffic the most effective traffic that a business platform can generate. But paid traffic, meaning users that comes from paid-for advertisements, can be more effective than organic traffic in a number of scenarios.

Which of the two should you go for if you want to secure a steady stream of income?


Slow and Steady

Organic traffic comes to your site as a result of natural or unprompted search engine searches. Google and other search engines consider organic traffic to be an SEO contributor—which is to say that the more organic traffic you generate, the higher you’ll rank in search engine results.

You might assume that you’d want to dedicate more of your time to cultivating organic traffic. However, it takes a long time to build up the reputation and SERP ranking to attract enough organic traffic to maintain a revenue stream.

The sites on the first page of search engine results may receive 92 percent of all search traffic on the internet, but you need to get there first. You’ll have to dedicate several months to that effort, which may not garner you the kind of sales you want straight off the get-go.

In short: if you’re looking to grow your business, organic traffic can help. But it won’t get you to your sales goals quickly.


Time is Money

To attract paid traffic, you’ll sponsor advertisements — maybe on social media, or to appear higher on SERPs. It can be expensive, but these paid ads boost your visibility. Your content may even be the first pieces of content that a searcher sees.

Even though you’ll have to budget for these types of advertisements, your business will see significant results from the get-go.


If fast growth sounds like your plan, then it’s worth your while to make room for these sorts of advertisements in your budget. Google’s AdWords can even help you generate greater pay-per-click advertising and grow your revenue channels as a result.


So, Which Traffic is Better?

That answer depends entirely upon how you want your business to grow.

If you’re established in your industry, organic traffic will raise your SERP ranking at a low cost to you. Also, you won’t have to worry about compromising your revenue stream while generating valuable content.

if your business is new, paid advertisements can get your product in front of consumers’ eyes significantly faster than organic methods. You’ll spend some initial cash, yes. But you’ll be able to grow quickly and lay solid groundwork for a secure revenue stream much easier. Once you’re feeling up to it, you can always transition into organic traffic generation.

Think about your advertising campaign’s timeline and your business’ budget when debating between the benefits of organic and paid traffic. Both offer you revenue growth, but your business’ needs will determine which marketing method is the best for you.



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