Amazon’s new TV ad strategy

Back to Basics: Amazon’s Return to TV Advertisements

Many companies wrote off TV as a dying forum for advertising.

What’s old is new again in advertising, though. This year, Amazon has markedly improved its sales by investing in an aggressive new marketing campaign this past December.

Why this push toward television? Surprisingly, it reflects an increased economic and demographic interest in the medium. Baby boomers and Gen X watch between three and five hours of television per day. With that in mind, companies looking to target these audiences could benefit from transitioning their advertising campaigns back to television.

But did you know? TV advertising is also 21 percent cheaper than it was a decade ago. So this move also promises to save companies of all sizes a chunk of change.


Roll Out the Red Carpet

In December, Amazon increased its television spending by 290%.

Simultaneously, Walmart and other competitors pulled away from TV advertisements to avoid an increasingly political atmosphere.

Amazon was quick to take advantage of holiday-pliable audiences. The online giant deployed a television advertising campaign for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the entire holiday season.

Now, it’s nearly half a year later, and Amazon’s competitors are still struggling to regain their lost ground with consumer audiences. Plus, thanks to the lower advertising costs of modern television, Amazon’s marketing campaign remains successful and budget-friendly.


The Power of Timing

Amazon struck a prime chord with their holiday advertisements, and Walmart’s drawback from TV was the icing on the cake. The company’s holiday campaign paired “singing boxes” with Amazon Alexa lighting Christmas lights on command, laying on some heavy (and family-friendly) nostalgia.

This emotional appeal in such a visual forum allowed Amazon to reach a wide variety of demographics—especially boomers and Gen X-ers. It’s a smart lesson: learn where your targets are looking, and meet them there.



A Television Renaissance

So, will Amazon’s effective push to television last? It’s difficult to say.

However, this massive impact on television-friendly demographics, coupled with the campaign’s financial success, suggests that television isn’t as dead as some thought.

If your digital marketing campaign isn’t drawing the attention you want, perhaps it’s time to consider a television run. Based on Amazon’s success, it’s clear that the demographic exists and can respond positively to advertisements on the medium.

The Internet has made the micro-moment the name of the game. Television, though, allows you to take your time and ensure that your product connects with consumers everywhere.

If Amazon can use TV advertising to create budget-friendly (and effective) nostalgia campaigns, why can’t you?



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