How to Balance Trends and Quality to Capture Audience Attention

Trends come and go.

Catching one before it becomes passé allows you to craft content that’ll get an audience’s eye. With that said, how do you stay on top of trends without losing value days or months later?


Embrace the Micro-moment

A micro-moment is the moment when a consumer reaches for the phone to learn something new, distract oneself from the world, purchase on the go, or otherwise keep busy. These are moments of brief but focused intentionality that your content needs to seize. A whopping 69 percent of consumers agree that the timing of the content’s appearance in their micro-moments changes the way they think about a particular brand.

If you want your content to be trendy while retaining its long-term value, you’ll have to work within a few seconds to make a connection with your audience. You must facilitate value-based exchanges. As such, you can use the latest internet trend to catch a user’s eye—but you need to follow that up with meaningful content that your audience attention can return to once the trend has moved on.


Utilize Influencers

If you want to get into the value of a micro-moment, you need to think like one of your consumers. That’s why it’s important to research who on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media are already representing your brand in a positive light.

Bringing influencers onto your staff gives you more than just another advertising outlet. These influencers can keep you abreast of internet trends and can craft their own marketing material. With one or two influencers on your team, you’ll be able to capitalize on multiple trends at once while ensuring that your audience attention has the chance to bond with a real person in real time.



Take Advantage of Available Technology

In a similar vein, experiment with the developments in marketing technology around you. You don’t need an influencer in order to live stream an event that your business is hosting. Lean into the drive for business transparency to take advantage of a modern marketing trend. In doing so, you’ll create evergreen digital content that reveals how you build your brand.

Be sure to tag other people in your industry or office when creating digital content like live streams or tweets. Networking via social media provides your audience with valuable, re-watchable content. It’s also an excellent way to grow your business while taking advantage of modern technology.

In short, use your available resources to stay on top of changes in your industry, the technology you use, and the memes or behaviors that catch your audience’s eye. Trends allow you to take advantage of a consumer’s micro-moment. When you pair that with valuable content, you’ll create a resource that your consumer will revisit again and again.



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