Gram Posts on Facebook

Now You Can Schedule ‘Gram Posts on Facebook

Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012, so the fact that the two companies are linked is old news. You can share Instagram posts to Facebook, but the two platforms didn’t share all that many features. Until now, that is. Have you seen Instagram’s latest Creator Studio update?


Thanks to a recent update, you now have Insta-options.

Influencers, businesses and the average Joe alike can now use Facebook’s Creator Studio to schedule and craft the perfect Instagram post. No longer do we have to rely on third-party apps to plan out posts for the week. Instead, the process of post-planning has (finally) moved in-house.

What does the Creator Studio look like in action—and how can your business get in on the fun?


Introducing Instagram Creator Studio

Facebook originally launched its Facebook Creator app in 2017 alongside the Facebook for Creators website. Since then, the app has been successfully replaced by Creator Studio, which debuted online in August 2018. At that launch, Facebook hinted at a similar release for Instagram, but until now, users have been stuck with third-party software.

Thanks to its ability to help businesses like yours plan out a social posting schedule several days in advance, Facebook’s Studio is pretty awesome. When you don’t have to micromanage your social posting, you’re free to get creative with your advertising in other ways. And now that you won’t have to stress about Instagram either? Wow. Imagine what you’ll do with all that free time.


How Can You Use Instagram Creator Studio?

Here’s the rub: not everyone has access to Instagram’s shiny new feature yet. Facebook promises that this update will soon be available to all users—but for now, if you want to use this tool, you’ll need to take the following steps:

1. Create a Facebook Business account.

2. Create an Instagram Business account.

3. Link your two accounts together.


4. Set up Instagram Creator Studio in your Instagram settings.

If you already have a Facebook page affiliated with your business’s Instagram account, all you’ll need to do is set up the Studio between those connected pages.

There is also an explicit “Connect to Instagram” button that lets you connect unaffiliated Instagram accounts with your Facebook pages.

If you have multiple Instagram accounts or Facebook pages, you’ll need to sign into the Creator Studio to manage the two you want to pair together.


What Can You Do With Instagram Creator Studio?

The hype is real—but what’s the use of Instagram’s Creator Studio besides post scheduling?

In general, the Creator Studio is set to serve as a hub for all things business on Instagram. If you chose to activate this feature through your business account, you’ll be able to:


  • Manage existing Instagram content
  • Post new content and schedule out the posts you want to share in a week
  • Crop or otherwise edit your content on a more professional level
  • Track your Instagram business insights with the affiliated Instagram Insights

In short, Instagram’s Creator Studio can serve as a new hub for business users on Instagram. And in our opinion, this unification of Facebook and Instagram usability spells only good things for the future of advertising.

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