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Looking for Organic Content? Google Isn’t Your Best Bet.

The best audience to draw to your content is an organic audience. Don’t think that’s a play on the organic content trend, either. It’s been shown that organically-won consumers are more likely to remain loyal to your business long after their first purchase.

Still, it’s becoming more difficult for marketers to win over consumers organically.


Even Google has seen a significant drop in organic traffic.

Over the past two years, there’s been a noticeable decline in the amount of organic traffic the engine supplies to its advertisers. Have you seen it firsthand?

What’s going on here, and how can you ensure that organic traffic continues to flow toward your platform?


Assessing the Situation

Reports of Google’s dwindling organic traffic originally came from the Wall Street Journal. According to its report, marketers have been losing organic traffic since the rollout of Google Ads Keyword Targeting in June 2017. While this new tool does allow advertisers to tailor their ads toward a hyper-specific audience, it does so at a cost.

Combine that expense with a slight drop in Google’s daily searches, and it seems that advertisers are less than thrilled with Google’s functionality.



Correlation vs. Causation

On one hand, it’d be easy to blame Google’s introduction of Ads Keyword Targeting for the decline in organic content traffic. On the other hand, Google has also made marked shifts toward mobile over the past two years. With more consumers using their phones to search the platform, organic traffic is becoming more difficult to cultivate.

Either way, there’s no arguing the decline in the number of organic traffic advertisers is seeing through Google these days. It’s likely that both of these factors are contributing to the loss. What matters more than the cause is a solution. How, with Google shifting toward mobile, can you continue to bring organic traffic to your content?


Organic Traffic Tips and Tricks

Cultivating an organic audience requires time, patience, and creativity. As you continue to create content for your platform, keep the following in mind:


  • Reader-oriented content draws in more organic consumers than SEO-oriented content does.
  • Maintaining a consistent posting schedule will allow consumers to acclimate to your platform. Before long, they’ll consider your blog a consistent source of industry updates.
  • Engage with your consumers through your blog’s comment section and on social media to better direct them toward your platform.
  • Long-tail keywords and question keywords fall more in line with consumer searches than single-term keywords do, so use them with care.
  • Advertise your new content through social media, or else you risk it disappearing beneath the wave of new information that arrives online every day.

Google may be faltering in the organic traffic area, but your platform doesn’t have to. Create content that keeps your audiences’ needs at its core, and you’ll find that consumers continue to flock to your platform through organic means.



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