Emojis Meet SEO

🤯 😎 🤩 🌟: Emojis, Meet SEO

As of March 2019, we were able to access 3,019 emojis on our phones and computers. These emojis range from the nefarious eggplant to each country’s flag—but really, have we reached the point of Emoji SEO?

Even though emojis primarily serve as a universal return to hieroglyphic communication, they can also serve a purpose in today’s SEO-saturated marketplace. Emojis, as it turns out, don’t register with a search engine’s crawlers as alternative forms of text. Instead, consumers who use emojis in their queries are directed to results that relate to the specific image in question.

What does this mean for marketers? Emojis, it seems, have created an entirely new segment for themselves in search engines’ indexes. If we build smart, creative habits, we can take advantage of that separation and boost our content’s SERP rankings with a few cleverly placed pixels.


Getting Started: Emojis and Search Volume

What kind of impact do emojis have on search engine queries and result pages?

More than you might think. Emoji-centric searches offer quick, one-click searches for basic things: think “🍕  near me” or “best 🥐 in town.” That pizza emoji alone will bring up nearly 50 millions results.

Despite their popularity in daily text messages, emojis have yet to appear with frequency in online posts. Even so, they’ll still generate a fair amount of search data when running through Google or Bing—and with upcoming generations, it’s not unlikely that we’ll see a massive increase in emoji search in the near future.

What does this mean for you?

Utilizing emojis in your content’s titles or headers will ensure that said content appears higher up on a hyper-specific SERP. This “Emoji SEO” strategy is also a great way to help your content stand out from your competition.



The Visual Appeal of Emojis Meet SEO

On a more straightforward front, emojis provide the searching consumer with an eye-catching foothold to focus on. In this way, emojis operate almost like video posts. Because the content consumers are seeing strikes a disruptive visual chord, they’ll be more likely to click on the work than they would if the text was otherwise unchanged.

When you pair clever emojis with smart keywords such as “buy,” “shop,” or “online,” you double your SEO value. Not only do you offer consumers a unique byline to click on, but your content begins to appear in a more niche spectrum of searches – searches conducted specifically by consumers looking to make a purchase.


Emojis and CTR

There’s more to the visual appeal of emojis than their ability to catch a consumer’s attention. Emojis also offer consumers breaks from the text that they’re reading. Even though the break maybe half a second long or shorter, consumers are able to rest their eyes – and brains – for a moment when a visual aid appears in a block of text.

This results in an increased CTR for your content. With that positive boost to your CTR comes a higher SERP ranking and a greater likelihood of future conversions. You get all that benefit from a peach or a shoe – who would have guessed?

Emojis aren’t just for text messages anymore. If you make clever use of emojis in your content title, snippet, or header, you’ll be able to catch audiences’ – and crawlers’ – eyes, and you can boost your SERP ranking.



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Image attribution: ink drop – stock.adobe.com