What is a Blog?

Blog – Short for “weblog”, a blog is a web page or a website that is regularly updated with new written content. Blogs are an important section of a website in digital marketing, as they offer fresh new content on a regular basis which can help attract new visitors, engage existing visitors, and give authority signals to Google.

A weblog post is an individual web page on your website that dives into a sub-topic of your blog.

For instance, let’s say you start a fashion blog on your retail website. One weblog post might be titled, “The Best Fall Shoes for 2020”. The post ties back to your overall blog topic as a whole (fashion), but it also addresses a very particular sub-topic (fall shoes).

Weblog posts allow you to rank on search engines for a variety of keywords. In the above example, your blog post could enable your business to rank on Google for “fall shoes”. When someone searches for fall shoes and comes across your blog post, they have access to the rest of your company’s website. They might click “Products” after they read your post and look at the clothing items your company sells.


Blog vs. Website

A  weblog is typically a section of your business’s website — but, unlike the rest of your website, you need to update the weblog section frequently by adding new posts. Additionally, your weblog is a tool that allows you to engage more with an audience, either by analyzing how many readers share your weblog posts on social or by allowing readers to comment on your individual posts. In this way, a weblog is more like a two-way conversation than the rest of your website. However, a weblog can also be an entire website, and often is, if the blog is for personal use alone — for instance, a travel blog.

Lifestyle blog

A lifestyle blog is a digital compilation of an author’s personal interests, daily activities, or opinions on a subject. A lifestyle weblog typically covers multiple hobbies or talents of the writer, rather than focusing on one subject alone. For instance, a lifestyle weblog might include a section for fashion, health and wellness, travel, and relationships. A lifestyle weblog is often highly personalized, so it can often feel like you’re reading a friend’s curated journal entries.

Wiki Vs blog

A wiki is a collaborative space where anyone who visits the site can edit, share, or publish content — Wikipedia is one of the most popular examples of this. On the other hand, there is typically only one person, or a team of people, with admin permissions to edit, share, or publish to a weblog. Website visitors who come across the weblog can potentially leave comments at the bottom of the weblog post, but they cannot publish to the site or edit the posted material.

What is a weblog used for?

  1. To help your company rank on search engines.
  2. To share information about a given topic and become an expert in an industry.
  3. To attract visitors to your site and turn those visitors into leads.
  4. To cultivate an online community and engage with an audience.


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