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Twitter ArtHouse Matches Creators and Businesses – For a Price

Creativity is the catnip of the consumer on Twitter. Pair that creativity with creator transparency, and you have a recipe for consumer engagement. This is especially the case on social media. Nearly 24 percent of Twitter users say they’re more likely to positively interact with an ad shared by that ad’s creator than one shared by a brand.

Twitter noticed this redirection of attention in 2018. Now in 2019, the site launched a new platform—one on which creators can share their work, interact with influencers, and build marketing campaigns from the ground up, called Twitter ArtHouse.


Coming to the ArtHouse

Twitter ArtHouse breaks its creators down into two categories: influencers and artists. Influencers are prized on the platform for their audience engagement and reach. Artists, comparatively, are the creative minds behind a number of the platform’s marketing campaigns.

Twitter ArtHouse provides its creators with different features designed to make the creation and advertising all the easier:


  • Video editing and optimization: Courtesy of a partnership with GroupM, Twitter ArtHouse can provide its creators with access to optimized video creation interfaces that utilize SEO best practices. These videos will suit Twitter’s platform perfectly while also offering creators advice on improved emotional engagement.
  • Live brand studios: In an attempt to take advantage of live streaming appeal, the live brand studios offered through Twitter ArtHouse let creators go live during their campaign. This real-time interaction with a consumer audience allows creators to boost their conversions over time.


Pairing Influencers with Creators

While the platform primarily serves as a creative interface, it takes advantage of the recent rise in influencer marketing. Because influencer marketing allows businesses to better connect with their audiences, those same influencers need a medium to operate through that allows their interactions to remain as natural as possible.

Thus, Twitter ArtHouse serves several purposes:


  • Artists operating independently or through parent businesses can share their work freely.
  • Influencers can build their professional reputation and network.
  • Business owners and marketers can reach out to influencers and artists that they’d be interested in working with.

In this way, Twitter ArtHouse serves as an updated version of LinkedIn – it’s a fantastic platform for content, but it’s a better one for networking.



The Pros and Cons of Twitter ArtHouse

That said, not everything about the ArtHouse is ideal. While its service seems prepared to stand out among those available to marketers, it doesn’t come cheaply.

ArtHouses’s price sheet for its services, products, and available tools leaked not long before the platform’s debut. If influencers, business owners, or artists want to take advantage of the site, they’ll have to hand over a hefty amount of money.


  • Brands wanting to work with an influencer through the ArtHouse platform will be expected to contribute a minimum of $100,000 for the influencer’s content and another $25,000 for media.
  • Artists costs will come in at a minimum of $150,000.

On one hand, then, Twitter ArtHouse stands to offer new opportunities to artists, influencers, and business owners. It’s not, however, the artistic paradise that its advertising suggests. The tools and networking opportunities available through this platform will only be available to those who can pay for them.

Even so, it may be worthwhile to give this creative networking platform a look-see.



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