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Facebook represents a continually evolving marketing platform and communication channel. As Digital Marketers, we routinely hear customer/prospect insights about their views of all social media channels. Which require us to make well-informed, digitally marketing-driven decisions in ways to communicate with our audience.  The Top 20 Facebook Statistics highlight key relevant Facebook facts and can ultimately help you to navigate it better. Increasing your return on investment (ROI) and leading to greater marketing success.  The second quarter demographic update was provided by Facebook on July 24, 2019.  The information below includes the most current information provided directly by Facebook in their reports to Wall Street.


Top 20 Facebook Statistics and Core Vitals


Core Facebook Vitals as reported in Q2 2019 IR Statement


  • How many employees does Facebook currently have:  39,651 as of June 30, 2019, an increase of 31% year-over-year?
  • What is the mission of Facebook: “Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.”


Core Datapoints Review & Updated Wednesday, July 24, 2019, based upon Facebook’s official investor relations information.  This information is officially updated once per quarter.



Top 20 Facebook Statistics Listed as Follows:


  1. Worldwide, there are over 2.41 billion monthly active users (MAU) as of June 2019. This is an 8 percent increase in Facebook MAUs year over year.  As compared to 2.38 billion MAUs for Q1 2019. (Source: Facebook 7/24/19) Facebook is simply too big to ignore as an ongoing part of your digital marketing communications program.  Please note the last item on this list for the total number of people who now use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger every day on average.
  2. 1.59 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considering daily active users (Facebook DAU) for June 2019.  This represents an 8 percent increase year over year (Source: Facebook as 7/24/19).  Sixty-six percent of ‘s audience would be considered DAU versus Monthly Active Users (MAU).  The Implication: A huge and vastly growing number of Facebook users are active and consistent in their visits to the site, making them a promising audience for your marketing efforts.
  3. Mobile advertising revenue is reported according to Facebook to represent approximately 94 percent of advertising revenue for Q2 2019.  This was a one percent increase over for Q1 2019. There were 1.15 billion mobile daily active users (Mobile DAU) for December 2016, an increase of 23 percent year-over-year.   This is hugely significant and shows the dramatic growth of mobile traffic on Facebook. Please note that this was the last official notice receive in IR press releases of a delineation of mobile DAU from other metrics.

  4. There are 1.74 billion mobile active users (Mobile Facebook MAU) for December 2016 which is an increase of 21% year-over-year (Source: Facebook as of 02/01/17).  
  5. On average, the Like and Share Buttons are viewed across almost 10 million websites daily. (Source: Facebook as of 10/2/2014)
  6. In Europe, over 307 million people are on Facebook. (Source: Search Engine Journal) The Takeaway: This isn’t just a U.S. phenomenon – a worldwide market is available via Facebook.
  7. Age 25 to 34, at 29.7% of users, is the most common age demographic. (Source: Emarketer 2012) What this means for you: This is the prime target demographic for many businesses’ marketing efforts, and you have the chance to engage these key consumers on Facebook.
  8. Five new profiles are built in every second. (Source: ALLFacebook 2012) The Implication: Your potential audience on Facebook is growing exponentially.
  9. Facebook users are 76% female (out of 100% of all females) and 66% male (out of 100% of all males). This stat is one that you really have to think about because it’s comparing the percentage of all females against the percentage of all males who are on Facebook. Sorry for the confusion. To dig a little deeper take a look at this study which does a much better job at explaining the nuances – Source: Brandwatch – https://www.brandwatch.com/2015/01/men-vs-women-active-social-media/) The Takeaway: Since this isn’t a large statistical difference, you should be able to effectively reach both genders on Facebook.

  10. The highest traffic occurs mid-week between 1 to 3 pm. (Source: Bit.ly blog) On another note, a Facebook post at 7 pm will result in more clicks on average than posting at 8 pm (Source:  Forbes). Go figure.  How this can help you: You have the potential to reach more consumers and drive higher traffic to your site during peak usage times. But people may be more likely to be more engaged in the evenings. This statistic may be a factor when you are planning social communication scheduling. (Also consider that Facebook has a global audience, so you may want to plan around the time zone of your key market.)
  11. On Thursdays and Fridays, engagement is 18% higher. (Source: Bit.ly blog) The Implication: Again, use this information to determine when to post in order to optimize your social media marketing efforts.
  12. There are 83 million fake profiles. (Source: CNN) The Takeaway: Nothing is perfect, so always remain thoughtful and strategic in your efforts. Also, fake or not, these are still potential consumers. There are various reasons for fake profiles, including professionals doing testing and research, and people who want to segment their Facebook use more than is possible with one account.
  13. Photo uploads total 300 million per day. (Source: Gizmodo) The Implication: Again, this is an indication of engaged users; also, it is an indication that there are a lot of photos, as well as other information, competing for users’ attention, so target your efforts strategically.
  14. The average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes. (Source: Infodocket) What this means for you: You could have a short time period to make your impression, so use it wisely with relevant, interesting, and unique posts and offers in order to get the most return on your efforts.
  15. In Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. (Source: The Social Skinny) The Implication: Again, there are a lot of engaged and active users, but also a huge amount of information competing for their attention, so quality and strategy on your part matter.

  16. 4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily as of May 2013 which is a 94 percent increase from August 2012. (Source: Facebook)
  17. 50% of 18-24-year-olds go on Facebook when they wake up. (Source: The Social Skinny) What does this mean for you? Facebook is important to these users, and potentially, if done correctly, so is the content you post on it.
  18. One in five page views in the United States occurs on Facebook. (Source: Infodocket 2012) How this helps you: This is a huge market on the web; if you use social media marketing efforts on Facebook well, you could have huge returns to show for it.
  19. 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or important to their business. (Source: State of Inbound Marketing 2012 The Takeaway. This is a crowded marketplace, but you can’t afford to sit it out. Because odds are fairly high that your competition is there. The key is to use Facebook marketing correctly and make sure that your efforts stand out from the crowd.
  20. 16 Million local business pages have been created as of May 2013 which is a 100 percent increase from 8 million in June 2012. (Source: Facebook). Facebook marketing has transformed how business is conducted, and its use by local businesses to extend their markets continues to explode.

Thought to take with you:  Facebook estimated that 2.7 billion people use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger each month and more than 2.1 billion people use at least one of the Facebook family of services every day on average. We found significant value in this article and guide by Facebook on how to see the impact of your marketing efforts (click here to view).



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