What are Friends?

Individuals connected to one another’s profiles on a social networking site, most frequently used in association with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are social media friends).

They are those people you interact with on the various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other Platforms. They’re people you never or hardly interact with in real life. A person noted that tended to be awkward in social situations and found that meeting people through social networks and staying connected in that way was easier for them.

This led me to consider the concept of “digital” or social media, and whether these qualify as real friendships. Clearly, friends, you know in real life but also connect with through social media can be considered “real” friends. But what about the ones you’ve never met, or met once and may never meet again?

Friending is the act of adding someone to a list of “friends” on a social networking service. This notion does not necessarily involve the concept of friendship. It is also distinct from the idea of a “fan” as employed on the WWW sites of businesses, bands, artists, and others since it is more than a one-way relationship. The “fan” only receives things. A “friend” can communicate back to the person friending. The act of “friending” someone usually grants that person special privileges on the Service with respect to oneself.  Facebook, for example, have the privilege of viewing and posting to one’s “timeline”.



Following is a similar concept on other social network services, such as Twitter and Instagram, where a person follower chooses to add content from a person or page to his or her newsfeed. Unlike friending, following is not necessarily mutual, and a person can unfollow (stop following) another user at any time without affecting that user’s following status. 


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