Evergreen Content

Six Always-Relevant Blog Topics for Evergreen Content

All online content ages—sometimes like wine, sometimes like milk. Adding timeless content to your platform can ensure that your resources continually attract new eyes. But how can you find the right topics and avoid constant revamps and replacements?


The answer is simple: Evergreen Content.

What’s that? Evergreen content is material that’s always applicable to your industry and your audience. You can use these pieces to solidly establish a professional voice and build loyal engagement.


To achieve this, where do you start?


1. A Personal Story

Audiences tend to react positively to relatable businesses. To encourage empathy from your viewers, don’t be afraid to share a story about your initial investment, planning stages and even preliminary struggles.


When you offer your audience a foothold for trust, you’ll be surprised at the personal engagement response.


2. Parts 1, 2, and 3

Who doesn’t like a cliffhanger?


While posts divided into multiple parts don’t typically have that same element of suspense, they do encourage audience retention. With the right topic, readers will keep coming back for more. A series gives you the perfect opportunity to expose your audience to your products and values several times over.


3. How-to Articles

High-value, educational content is always the right move—especially when it helps your readers solve problems.


How-to articles can elaborate on the best ways to put your products to use or common ailments in your industry. They build audience trust by showing that you know what you’re doing. This demonstrates industry authority but also strengthens your SEO ranking and your likelihood of developing a strong backlink network.



4. Case Studies


Basically, case studies offer your audience real-life examples of success stories and show them that your suggestions actually work. These types of evergreen content are great ways to reinforce your authority.


You can also use less-successful examples to create case studies on how NOT to use your products or services. To quote Donald O’Connor in Singing in the Rain—”Make em laugh!” Lighthearted pieces add an unforgettably personal touch to your marketing campaigns and will deliver powerful consumer loyalty.


5. Reviews

You keep up with the goings-on in your industry, and you’re excited and passionate about what you do. So, what are you waiting for? Show your readers! Share the wealth!

When you showcase and react to new developments in your field, your audience will start to rely on you as an information source. Becoming a valued reviewer is a great way to build a solid returning audience—even over months or years.


6. Listicles

List-articles are short, easy, and digestible. They’re a great way to deliver information without sending your readers on a hunt for a dictionary to break through business jargon.


When your material is easy to read, you push your audience’s “instant gratification” buttons—and that means repeat visits and readers.

When you pair one of these topics with exciting titles, organic SEO elements, and a strong backlink network, your content marketing campaign will instantly see increased audience engagement.



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Image attribution: Production Perig – stock.adobe.com