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Facebook Ad Secrets

With an audience of 2.38 billion active users operating on its servers every month, Facebook remains the business owner’s best friend. Any ads you put up on Facebook are almost guaranteed to find your audience. What matters is making those ads unique, as well as ensuring they bring in the attention and revenue you want them to.

Let’s Get Started with Facebook’s Advertising Campaigns

Standard Facebook accounts aren’t able to create advertising campaigns. You’ll need to create an ad account through Facebook Ads Manager to get started.

  • Head to account settings and find the “Ads Manager” tab.
  • Select the account you want to start advertising with.
  • Click on “Account Settings” to fill in the name of your business and your address.
  • If you want to, click “Add a Person” to expand your ads account.
  • Decide what level of access this person should have to the account, and then enter his or her name and email address.

Once you have a base account established, you’ll be able to create your campaign.

Build a Campaign

From here, you can start building your advertisements and making them unique from those of your competitors, not to mention valuable.

Facebook Ad Secrets: 1. Get Familiar with Your Audience

Start by digging into your audience. Facebook will require you to specify who you’re trying to reach. Design your advertisement with this audience in mind.

Break your desired audience down into the following:

  • Age: The divide between millennials, baby boomers, and their trust of advertising has never been greater.
  • Location: You can take advantage of locality and local SEO in your advertisements if you know where you want your audience to be based.
  • Gender: Traditional gender divisions dominate a number of industries, breaking down everything from razor blades to pens.
  • Income Level: Those without significant disposable income won’t necessarily be able to afford – or may not even want – the same kind of products that someone with a significant disposable income does.
  • Education Level: How specialized is your product, and will your target audience need specific qualifications to use it?
  • Family Status: Toy manufacturers want to target mothers as well as their children, so why not segment for married couples?
  • Occupation: Some consumers are looking for tools they can use on the job. As such, your audience segmentation should consider the different ways your product could be used in the workplace.

You’ll also need to consider the personalities of the audience you’re trying to attract. Do you want to engage your audience with humor? Or do you want to tap into their value systems? Do you want to modify their behaviors and make their lives easier?

These divisions will help you identify your Facebook audience, but they’ll also help you build the aesthetic of your advertisement.

Facebook Ad Secrets 2: Start Creating an Ad

With your audience in mind, you can start creating your advertisement.

Go to “Advertising with Facebook” in the upper-right tab of your News Feed.

Facebook advertising column right side

Click “Create Ad” via the small arrow in the top right corner of your Facebook profile.

creating Facebook ads home page

Facebook Ad Secrets 3:Choose a Campaign Objective

You’ll be prompted to choose one of the 11 following campaign objectives:

Choosing Facebook Campaign Objectives

Facebook Ad Secrets 4: Choose Your Audience

From here, you’ll put your research to use and choose your preferred audience. You are required to specify a preferred:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language

Facebook Ad Secrets 5: Set Your Budget

It’s worth knowing ahead of time how much money you want to spend on Facebook advertising. Note that, when working with Facebook, you’re entering a bid with your advertisement. Facebook will automatically generate a bid for you based on the time of year, the range of your demographics, and the perceived platform relevance.

You can manually set your bid at this point in the ad creation process, or adjust it in the pricing and bidding section.

Setting Facebook Ads Budget

Facebook Ad Secrets 6: Set Your Schedule

To more effectively dictate your costs, choose between a daily and a lifetime budget. You can also determine the frequency with which your advertisement is boosted to your audience.

Design Your Ad

From here, you’re responsible for the aesthetics of your advertisement. You’ll once again need to keep your audience in mind. Utilize images, calls to action, and placements that’ll attract the right eye.

Facebook Ad Secrets 7: Turn an Existing Post into an Ad

Here, you’ll have the option to create an advertisement from scratch or turn an existing post on your page into an advertisement. Turning an existing post into an advertisement is as simple as selecting one; then, allow Facebook to share it with your chosen audience.

Facebook Ad Secrets 8: When Creating a New Ad, Select Your Images

If you want to start from scratch, you’ll need to select the images you want to use for your advertisement. You can design these advertisements in a third-party image editor, if you want them to be graphically original, or choose pre-selected, copyright-abiding images to represent your business.

If you decide to use non-graphically created images, you can take the photos yourself or find them through Google Images.

  • When searching with Google Images, use the header to find the “Tools” tab.
  • In this tab, click on the “Usage Rights” drop-down menu.
  • Select “Labeled for Reuse” to sort your found images by usability. Use of copyrighted images that aren’t yours can result in legal trouble.
  • If you can edit your images, you can select and use pictures from the “Labeled for Reuse with Modification” category.

You can choose up to six images for Facebook’s ad creator. These imaging options will allow Facebook to create six variations of your chosen advertisement, from which you can select your favorite or opt to circulate them all.

Image Carousel Facebook Ads

Note that if you choose to circulate all these images, your Facebook advertising budget will need to increase to accommodate them.

Make sure that your images are sized at 1080 x 1080 pixels and saved in a .png format.

Facebook Ad Secrets 9: Build Your Meta-Text

Create a header and text to describe your image. The header, or headline, appears below your image. You have a 25-character limit, making it perfect for a title.

creating facebook ad headlines

Facebook gives you 90 characters for your text. Make sure this text is information-rich and not stuffed with keywords.

Facebook Ad Secrets 10: Create a Call-to-Action

After creating your meta-text, you have the option to include a call-to-action button with your advertisement. You don’t need to include one of these buttons to complete your advertisement order.

CTA Creation Options Facebook

If you choose to include a CTA button, make sure that its coloring matches what you used in the images making up the bulk of your ad.

Facebook Ad Secrets 11: Remove Unwanted Ad Placements

Before you wrap up your ad creation, you’ll need to remove unwanted advertisement placement from your Facebook schedule. Choose where you want your ads to be located on the page and how you want audiences to see them.

Removing Unwanted Facebook Ad Locations

Doing so will keep your ads from growing irritating. This also ensures that audiences’ eyes find them naturally.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to review your order and place it.

Follow Up

You’ll need to keep an eye on things to ensure your campaign is on the right track.

Facebook Ad Secrets 12: Check Performance and Clicks

As an unofficial step, remember to be patient. Not all advertisements take off immediately. Wait at least four days before you start modifying your Facebook ads. First, check “Performance and Clicks” to check on the advertisement’s performance.

  • Go to Ads Manager.
  • Click “Account Overview.”
  • Select the date you want to see in your reports: the date your advertising campaign began and your current date.
  • Without customizing your metrics, you’ll see the number of clicks that your business’ home page has received since the start of your campaign.
  • Customize your metrics based on reach, impressions, amount spent, or links clicked.

You have the opportunity to compare your ad’s performance across different dates as your campaign goes on.

If you have multiple campaigns operating at once, you can also customize your results to check in on individual campaigns.

  • Go to “Ads Manager.”
  • Click “Account Overview.”
  • Select the “Campaigns,” “Ad Sets,” or “Ads” tab based on your preferred view.
  • Customize your metrics based on reach, impressions, the amount spent, or links clicked.
  • Use “Facebook Breakdowns” to register the age of your audience, their location when viewing your ads, devices used, and other factors.
  • Use the “Insights” side panel to view this information in chart form.
Customizing Facebook Ad Campaign Segmentations

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