What is a Headline?

Headline- A heading at the top of an article, blog post, landing page, sales page or magazine.

headline is the title of a web page, blog, or newspaper story, printed in large letters at the top of the story, especially on the front page. If a web page, blog, newspaper or magazine article is headlined a thing, that is the headline that introduces it.

Types of Headlines

Classic How-to
A lot of popular blogs and websites have discovered formulas that deliver results every time.

One headline formula that’s been incredibly effective for more than a century is the classic how-to. This is a great way to increase engagement, just be sure to deliver on your promises.
Identify and Solve a Problem
One of the best ways to get new readers is to identify and solve a problem with trigger words.
The top companies use emotional triggers in nearly every headline – another classic style that’s withstood the test of time.

Make A Statement
Sometimes we get writer’s block and can’t think of a clever headline… This is where making a direct statement is the easiest and most effective way to engage your reader.

Strike A Note of Controversy

Blog posts that have controversial titles grab more attention.

Riding the wave of controversy is good for blogs that want to pull audiences in, get them emotionally involved and commenting on your site.

Shorter Titles Are Great

Concentrate on keeping your headlines to the point.

People like short and sweet and have limited attention spans – especially online!


Ask Questions

Using a question as a title is an excellent opportunity to get people to click through to your post.

When people spot a question in a title, they’ll automatically think of a response. It’s natural…

Use Headlines That Offer Explanations

Explanatory headlines make things instantly clear to readers by doing exactly what the name suggests, explaining something…

Go for an “Intrigue” Style
Write a headline that makes people do kind of a double-take when they read it.

Make them wonder and ask if it’s even possible.
Try A “Finality”
Another way to generate interest is by using finality style (power) words like ultimate, best, exclusive, only, guaranteed etcetera.

If you can deliver after somebody clicks the headline, you’ll almost certainly earn a new reader.
Craft A “Top List”
This is one of the simplest formats to follow, and it’s ideal for SEO and getting ranked in the search engines for the more competitive terms.
Put the topic first, ideally optimized for popular search terms, and then use an “emotion-provoking” description.

Numbers grab attention and tell your audience you’re an authority. It lets them know you have something specific, concrete and real to offer them.


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