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Get Talking: How to Boost Your Mobile Conversations

With 70 percent of consumers’ daily media time spent on cell phones and tablets, you need to ensure that consumers can access your platform from these mobile devices. Even more importantly, you need to ensure that consumers can engage with your platform from non-desktop devices.

Why? Because, more and more, mobile is key.

It’s predicted that 53.9 percent of e-commerce sales will be conducted from cell phones by 2021. If you want to get ahead of the curve, here are a few different ways you can boost your mobile platform conversion.

Maximize Mobile Conversions with Speed

Before you start building comments sections or interacting with consumers on social media, you need to make sure that consumers can access your platform from their phones.

If your platform takes longer than three seconds to load on mobile, then you risk losing consumers’ attention and business.

So, how can you ensure that your platform loads quickly on mobile?

Remove Pop-ups

On mobile, these pop-ups knock the whole of your platform off a user’s screen. You’ll need to code your pop-ups to appear only on desktop variations of your site.

If you’re using a tool such as WisePops or PopupAlly through WordPress to create your pop-ups, you can work within the tools’ interfaces to ensure that mobile users won’t be blocked from your content by an advertisement.

Use Negative Space

Your consumers need to be able to maneuver across your web page with ease while on their phones. A natural aesthetic is key (make sure it resembles your desktop model), but there are some important differences. Make sure that your buttons aren’t spaced too close together to make up for the lack of precision on a small screen. Making purchases from mobile should be as easy as possible.

When you combine visual needs and simple functionality, negative space becomes a positive addition to a mobile platform.


Build a Comments Section

Whether comments contribute positively or negatively to business growth is up for debate. But the fact is, people still like to talk, or type, on their phones. If you’re looking to build mobile conversations, you’re going to need to integrate comments and give your audience a platform for communication.

Utilize Consumer Testimonials

Be sure to bring user testimonials into your platform’s structure. When you show your consumers that you value their input, they’ll be more likely to leave reviews of your product on your site.

As long as your platform is mobile compatible, this will increase your mobile conversation in no time.

Secure Your Platform

While some security tools will limit your mobile compatibility, they’re still essential to securing conversions. SSL securing your platform with a prominent lock sign on the address bar will let your consumers know that your business is safe from which to purchase products.

For additional security, you can:

With mobile usage on the rise, a mobile-friendly platform is essential to facilitating conversions. Creating a mobile-friendly platform is easier than you might think!

Image attribution: chinnarach – stock.adobe.com


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