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Are You Advertising With Instagram Live? Maybe You Should Be.

Given the popularity of DVR and Netflix, you’d think that “live” anything had lost its appeal. Not so. Instagram’s Live feature has proven that clever marketers can utilize in-the-moment advertising to reach consumers on an intimate level.

If you’re looking to reinvigorate a content marketing campaign, why not use this medium to your advantage? There are several ways to use “go live” marketing to make your consumers feel like they’re in on the action.


Launch Promotions

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar shop or an online platform, going live before a product debut is a great way to build hype. You’ll not only garner an excited audience, you’ll also encourage a greater amount of immediate purchases.

If you choose to go live just before a product drop, you’ll have your audience’s attention. Take that time to answer consumer questions about the new product.

Pairing informative content with a countdown clock adds a sense of immediacy to your work. It also capitalizes on the excitement your audience feels.


Live Tutorials

If you want a live stream to feel a little less stressful, start a tutorial series. There are few things people love more than learning. Take Tastemade’s Tiny Kitchen, for example. While it’s unlikely that consumers will actively replicate the tiny food made in this kitchen, the medium is highly engaging. It signals the audience that they, too, can confidently cook—if on a larger scale.

When you pair tutorials with a product debut – or even with a longstanding product – you familiarize your audience with that product’s unconventional uses. Consumers will be more likely to trust your brand and find a place for your products in their lives.



Interviews also offer your consumers an immediate opportunity to interact both with you, and also with any industry guests you choose as partners. Try pairing an Instagram Live interview with real-time commenting. You’ll develop a better understanding of your consumers’ interests while also entertaining them.


Take’s weekly Instagram interviews, for example. Playbill specializes in informing Broadway enthusiasts about industry updates. It frequently has guests from some of the most popular theater shows appearing on the platform. During interviews, theater-goers from around the world have a chance to ask their favorite stars questions about their routines, the show itself, or Broadway in general.

This increased engagement sells the product – Broadway show tickets and Playbill subscriptions – while also keeping an advertising opportunity hyper-personal.



Event live streaming takes the excitement of a launch promotion and pairs it with the personalization of an interview. You can use Instagram Live to bring your consumers with you to conferences, business trips, or a business anniversary event.

Not all events have to be so formal, though. Take a leaf from Buzzfeed’s book. The platform went live almost without warning and showed the world how many rubber bands it would take to make a watermelon explode. While your platform may not be so whimsical, it just goes to show that anything can serve as live content.

Use the tools you have around you to your advantage! The next time you want to reinvigorate an advertising campaign, go live through Instagram and see if you can’t better connect with your audience.



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