Every brick-and-mortar needs a digital presence to bring more foot traffic through your door. We’ll help you position your products for a digital audience to address top industry challenges and greet the future of retail sales.
Consumer Goods

Stay relevant between trendy and timeless.

Managing a retail business Consumer Goods can be rough, but handling your online presence doesn’t have to be. MV3 Marketing works to align your online business strategy with your company’s budget and goals, leaving you free to do what you do best.

Modern customers prefer the convenience of online shopping sites; nearly half of internet users in the U.S. alone shop online multiple times every month. Our digital storefront serves as an extension of your in-store experience, but even more valuable. We deliver powerful analytics about your customer base and their purchasing decisions, so you can decide how and why they’re shopping, then adjust to predict and meet their needs.

An online presence can mean the difference between being successful or in the red. Retail is a relentless industry in the best of times, and in today’s bolstered economy, staying ahead of rising competition can be quite an endeavor.

Don’t go the way of Borders Books. Our customized solutions guide you into a brighter tomorrow.

Case Study: Sam & Bill’s Hair

A humble hair salon, Sam & Bill’s team wasn’t familiar with the digital expertise that would grant the company better visibility in hair service searches.

What they were familiar with was hair artistry. We set out to position the salon team online as the industry professionals they are.

Consumer Goods
Accept the challenge of digital disruption

Accept the challenge of digital disruption.

Online peer reviews are the number one influencing factor in most consumer decisions—more than 90 percent of buyers agree that online reviews sway their opinions more than any in-store pitch. Your business’s brand name and reputation are its most precious resources, and MV3’s team works tirelessly to protect them.

Have you gone social? Increasingly, consumers make purchase decisions based on consumer goods or something they saw first on Facebook or Instagram. The targeting power of these platforms is unlike any other, putting your ads in front of the people most likely to click through. We go beyond websites to build the online strategies that convert your best business from entirely new audiences.

Your customers are online, and so is your competition. We’ll help you join them to stay ahead.

Digital strategies that bring customers through your door.

Retail marketing of consumer goods in the digital age isn’t all about an online storefront: it’s about finding your customers where they spend the majority of their time. Today’s consumers are in front of a screen more than ever before, giving you a wealth of opportunities to slip your brand name onto their radar.

Our strong, analytic approach delivers the data so you can target more effectively. We know if customers have already been searching for products like yours, and we fine-tune your keyword and positioning to move your business to the top of their list.

It’s a little like telepathy: when users see your name online enough, they build subconscious trust in your brick-and-mortar brand, and—oh look, here they are strolling through your doors. That’s the MV3 touch.

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