Six SEO analytics you need to watch

If you get all glassy-eyed when “analytics” come up, you shouldn’t.


Your site analytics are actually incredibly important: they tell you in no uncertain terms what’s working and what’s not when it comes to your business.

However, statistics don’t just hand over the key to success. You’ll still need to know which numbers to pay close attention to and how to interpret them — and that’s where we come in.


1. Bounce Rate

Your bounce rates track how many people visit any given  page of your site, and then leave without going further. If you’re seeing a high bounce rate on certain pages, especially your home page, focus on writing stronger copy and improving your website clarity and function.


2. Exit Pages

Visitors don’t stay forever, but you should pay attention to their last active page. If you find that people are frequently leaving your site on a page that’s intended to be a call to action, you need to strengthen that pitch. Consider running some A/B content testing to determine what, exactly, is turning people off.


3. New vs. Returning Visitors

SEO Analytics can help you make sure that you retain existing customers just as well as you convert new ones. Use your site data to isolate information about your first-visit conversion percentage, as well as how many average visits it takes before a viewer decides to buy.

If your new-user-conversion rate is low, focus on improving your website friendliness. Alternately, if you have a low returning-user conversion rate, focus on improving your product and overall customer service.


4. Page Loading Times

The longer a page takes to load, the higher your bounce rate. Customers expect each page to load in two seconds or less, so if you have extremely long load times, you’ll see a substantial reduction in conversions.


Avoid redirects, minimize your use of plugins, reduce image sizes, and convert to CSS3 or HTML5 for best results.


5. Visitor Sessions

Even if you don’t instantly convert a new visitor, he or she may still be gaining some important information from your website. When you track statistics such as unique visitors, page views, session time, and non-converting interactions, you’ll be able to see why they’re visiting your website—even if it’s not to purchase your product.


6. Backlinks

Backlinks drive an incredible amount of traffic. Even more importantly, however, high-quality backlinks build trust in your company. You need to achieve a variety of backlinks from a variety of trusted sources. Track who’s linking to you, and to what pages they’re linking, and keep producing that type of content to build brand rapport.



SEO data analytics can offer incredible insight into your website and your customers. All these analytics, even the smallest ones, bring you important information that you can’t afford to throw out.

For a deeper dive, work with a dedicated SEO analyst to expand your business insights.



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