You’ve Got Mail! The Benefits of Automated Email Campaigns

Think email is over? Think again. With the rise of social media, it’s easy to categorize email as a phased-out marketing tactic— but in reality, over 90 percent of online users check their email daily. Most, like you, probably do it far more than just once.

That should be reason enough to convince you to consider email marketing the next time you want to get the word out about your business. But effective emailing can be a hassle — there’s segmentation, personalization, and timing to deal with.

As your business grows, time becomes a precious commodity, so maybe email isn’t the right tactic… Or is it? Have you considered automated emails?


Your Automation Campaign: Where to Begin?

There are two different ways to utilize email automation and email automation campaigns:


  • Simple campaigns consist of a few emails sent out to a smaller list of recipients. Consumers typically sign up for these emails after participating in a contest, making a purchase, and so on.
  • Complex email automation campaigns will have varying chains and work similarly to “choose your own adventure” books. The paths that these campaigns take will vary based upon consumer needs. For example, say your first email encourages consumers to download your platform’s coupon book. Consumers who do will receive one type of email, whereas consumers who don’t may need a second round of encouragement. These campaigns take a lot of thought, but they feel more personal.


Why Should You Be Using Automated Emails?

Email marketing automation isn’t devoid of personality. In fact, the practice is all about generating more intimate relationships with your potential consumers. Email automation enables you to collect additional consumer data, share news of deals to promote conversions and establish a sense of familiarity with your audience.

You need to be using automated emails if you want to see any of the following results:


Nurture Leads

You can use email automation to plan seasonal or sales-adjacent messages far in advance. When you do, you can focus on the logistics of those sales instead of the content that surrounds them once that sale hits your site. Because your automated email chain will already be in place, recipients like those who’ve signed up for a newsletter of yours will get the direct interaction they crave without you having to redirect your attention.



Lead Segmentation

As mentioned, email automation allows you to collect more data on your consumers. This increased data input will allow you to more effectively segment your audience and send them more personalized email content. In fact, this kind of personalization can increase your CTR by 50 percent.


Streamline Your Sales

Automated email marketing campaigns also streamline the movement of consumers through your sales funnel. When consumers start to respond to your emails, you’ll know that they’re interested leads. You’ll then be able to focus your sales teams’ attention on their engagement and encourage a sale to take root.


Improve Your Time Management

Email automation allows your sales team to focus attention on other elements of your business’ marketing. Because they won’t have to craft and send out emails daily, they’ll be able to bring greater creativity to your social media posts or blog content.

Automation isn’t a dirty word. If you utilize email marketing automation properly, you’ll find that it makes consumers’ shopping experiences all the more personal.



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