balancing branded vs. unbranded keywords

What’s in a Name? Branded and Unbranded SEO

In fairytales and marketing, names have power. By affiliating your brand name with a piece of content, advertising campaign, or peer, you actively tie your reputation to that piece of work. Branded SEO is a significant commitment, but it’s one that could serve you well in the long run.

With 81 percent of consumers putting significant research into their online purchases, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to find your platform and products. A balance of branded and unbranded keywords allows you to secure greater consumer interest.


Breaking Down Branding

The difference between branded and unbranded keywords is reasonably straightforward:


  • Branded keywords and searches consist of phrases that use your platform’s name. Effectively, if a search or keyword makes use of a proper noun, it’s probably a branded keyword.
  • Unbranded keywords and searches can apply to entire industries.

For example, say you’re researching a new phone to purchase. Branded searches would look something like this:


  • Apple iPhone
  • Samsung cell phone 2019

Comparatively, an unbranded search that made use of unbranded keywords would read like this:


  • Best cell phone 2019
  • Cheapest secondhand cell phones near me


Branded SEO’s Impact on SERP Rankings

No matter what, your platform will rank well on your personalized SERPs. That is to say, any search you make that consists of your brand’s name will result in the appearance of your platform’s primary pages on the appropriate SERP.

Even so, you shouldn’t rely upon branded keywords to draw in an audience’s attention. When you balance your use of branded keywords to non-branded keywords, you make it simpler for audiences of all degrees of knowledge to find your platform.



The Benefits of Branded Keywords

On one hand, branded keywords allow you to compete with your industry competition more easily. While your competitors will have the opportunity to bid on your specific keywords, these keywords are usually so specific that there’s no point in them doing so – unless you operate in an extremely competitive field. It’s here that your business’ individuality serves you – and your SERP ranking – well.

Not only that, but your budget will benefit from the use of branded keywords. The cost-per-click of branded keywords tends to be on the lower end due to branded keywords’ unique nature. If you want to integrate more of these keywords into your work, you can save yourself a bit of money in the long run.


The Benefits of Unbranded Keywords

Comparatively, you’ll want to use non-branded keywords to attract a broader demographic to your platform. Branded keywords will draw in audiences who are already familiar with your work. When you bid on non-branded keywords, you give yourself a better chance of expanding your audience. With a larger audience comes more leads, and with more leads comes a stronger revenue stream.

Don’t hesitate to use your business’ name in your content. Branded keywords benefit branded searches and help your audience find your brand. Non-branded keywords and searches are comparatively great for visibility. Utilize an equal ratio of both to see the best SERP results.



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