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Gain Social Reach with Three Easy Tricks

Are you looking to start a conversation with your consumers? With 90 percent of marketers relishing in the marketing effectiveness of social media, it seems like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts are the best mediums to use if you want to get chatting. Time to extend your social reach.

That said, the content you post on social media—and on your platform—needs to be captivating to attract a consumer’s response. If you’re bumping up against writer’s block, here are a few different ways to use your content to engage with your audience.


Host a Social Media Contest

Do you want to get consumers’ attention? Give away free stuff! User contests are great ways to encourage consumers’ interaction with your social media accounts. You can offer anything – free test versions of your product, a social media shout-out – in exchange for user interaction.

For example, Dove’s “Real Beauty Should Be Shared” offered its contest participants the chance to become the next face of Dove. Participants only needed to fill in a Dove-provided blank. They listed the name of a friend they thought “represented real beauty” followed by two things they loved about that friend.

Not only did the contest frame itself with positivity, but the contest winners also had the chance to become Dove influencers. The exchange boosted Dove’s reputation as a genuine beauty provider and drew deliberate audience participation into its marketing campaign.


CTAs in Video Posts

The movement in any auto-playing video catches a consumer’s eye immediately. Videos across all social media platforms tend to get more likes than their still photo cousins. How, though, do you make sure that consumers don’t click away from your posts?

Your videos need to have value. This value can come in the form of a hilarious ad-framing device, such as the Allstate emu. It can be a meaningful, heart-wrenching image of a family visiting Disney World for the first time.


Beyond that, the videos you share with consumers need to prompt conversation. They need strong CTAs. A strong CTA capitalizes on the emotional groundwork your video’s laid and drives consumers to interact with you on a personal level.

A strong video CTA:


  • Matches the pathos of the video
  • Using action verbs to drive a response
  • Encourages viewers to expand on the value already presented to them in the video


Use Live Features

Both Instagram and Facebook offer your business the opportunity to “go live,” or share real-time videos with your consumer audience. Steaming a day in the office or a live event is a great way to draw in your audience and expand your social reach. Instagram Live and Facebook Live both offer chat features. Thus, a designated company representative can interact with your audience in real-time while you offer valuable content to consumers.

Nintendo and Xbox, for example, generated significant audience interaction when they live-streamed their 2019 E3 presentations. The news about their upcoming projects spread like wildfire, thanks to deliberate audience interaction.

Social media is made to generate social interaction. As long as you’re willing to reach out to your audience, you’re more than likely to find that your audience is willing to reach back.



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