AI and RankBrain

Computer and Human Symbiosis: AI in the Office

You likely use AI on a daily basis: Siri helps you find the nearest coffee shop, or Cortana helps you navigate your city. Helpful, sure—but these days, artificial intelligence is so much more.

AI algorithms and machine learning offer the opportunity to improve your SERP rankings, product production, and overall sales.

Is your company utilizing AI? It’s likely the answer is yes, even if you don’t realize it.


AI and RankBrain

You may not know it, but your business already interacts with AI on a daily basis. RankBrain, one of Google’s most important SEO elements, requires AI to index your content appropriately.

Any SEO success you’ve achieved is directly linked with artificial intelligence. How? Google (of course.) Google’s SEO leads generate 13 percent better close rates than other leads do, so chances are you’re already optimizing for the search giant’s algorithms. If you want your business to grow, you’ll need to take advantage of RankBrain’s contributions to your SERP ranking.

You can take better advantage of RankBrain by:


So, that’s one way you’re already using AI, like it or not. But how else can machine intelligence help improve your operations?



Conversation Personalization

You may not expect AI to also be able to personalize a consumer’s experience with your platform and simultaneously build your business’ sales. It can!

Integrating artificial intelligence technology into your platform allows you to read (and react to) your audience’s data, instantly. This is valuable information that allows you to quickly customize every user experience through:


  • Segmenting: This process helps you expose your audience to different levels of engagement depending upon individualized statistics. You can use AI segmenting to notice when repeat visitors return to your site. You can also use AI to offer them a “welcome back” message along with a coupon or discount.
  • Machine Learning and Predictive Data: You can use specialized algorithms and machine learning to predict what kind of products your consumers will be most likely to purchase in the future. Turning Big Data into predictive graphs of this sort will help you better outstrip your competition and retain your consumer loyalty.
  • Fraud Prevention: If your clients (or representatives of your own business) fall victim to identity fraud, as well, you’ll be able to use AI, machine learning, and financial data to spot and challenge identity fraud in real time. You’ll be able to offer your consumers an extra level of security while they collaborate with your business.


AI in the Office

Now, don’t panic. AI isn’t set to replace people in the plant or office. It is, however, a helpful business tool that’s been around for a few years now. This challenge to the misconceptions surrounding AI not only offers CEOs a way to improve their budgets, but it also offers a sense of security to the individuals working around the office.

AI is already part of your daily online experience. With more growth and integration in office spaces, it’s set to make life easier for businesses in every industry.



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