Increase B2B Trust with SEO Text

A Better ALT-ernative: Increase B2B Trust with SEO Text

As a B2B company, you can find SEO value in every corner of your platform. For example, images.


The images you integrate into your content offer an opportunity to capitalize on your keywords—courtesy of ALT text.

ALT text and alt tags are written descriptions of the images that appear on all your platform pages. These descriptions will only appear if one of your images fails to load. They’re not invisible to a search engine’s crawlers, though.

Your use of ALT text directly impacts your SERP ranking as well as your platform’s accessibility, and subsequently impacts the level of trust other B2B businesses will have in your services.


Getting Comfortable with ALT Text

Before you start sowing the seeds of trust, you’ll need to differentiate between CSS and the images that’ll utilize ALT text.

CSS contains the design of your website, meaning its base functionality and overall structure. ALT text operates as a part of any images that play an active role in your content. Nearly all images you include on your site should be active, which means that most of your images should utilize ALT text.


The Primary Use

ALT text plays a number of roles on your platform. It provides you a space to describe your images and better use your primary keywords. By providing descriptions, you not only make your site more accessible to viewers with slow internet, but you also trigger a search engine’s crawlers and raise your SERP ranking.


The Secondary Uses

Catching the eye of crawlers also builds your industry authority. ALT text that’s integrated seamlessly into your platform, that isn’t stuffed with keywords, and that offers up additional information about your businesses, sends a message.


When you don’t use ALT text as a one-trick pony, you can let potential B2B clients know that you’re not only professional but also that you know how to take advantage of your platform. This perceived experience translates into authority, which, in turn, translates into industry trust.


Creating Strong B2B ALT Text

How do you create ALT text that balances your primary keywords with information-rich content?

Find that middle ground. Write several variations of your ALT text and decide which one reads most easily. You want the SEO value of your ALT text to be subtle. The first thing anyone who reads your ALT text should notice is how informative it is, not how keyword-stuffed it is.

So, get creative with your ALT text! Use this SEO element to make your content more accessible to your audience, raise your SERP ranking, and sow trust among potential B2B partners.



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