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Google Algorithm Update : Climbing the Google Ladder in 2019

Overall, 2019 is a year of change for Google. The company announced the roll-out of core Google algorithm update in late June, indicating that the indexing features that advertisers have gotten used to may see modification.

With Google experiencing so much change, it’s difficult to stay on top of the platform’s best SEO practices. That’s why you need to think about SEO as more than a permanent fixture in your platform’s architecture.

Given Google’s newest updates, consider the different ways you can approach your SEO content. If you change up your SEO expectations now, you can dominate Google algorithm update for the rest of 2019.


Work from the Top Down

B2B businesses utilize ToFu marketing, or top-down marketing, to appeal to their consumers. Whether your business aims to bring in other businesses as clients or reaches out to consumers, ToFu marketing tactics will benefit your bottom line.

Why? ToFu marketing works to introduce consumers to your product. You’re deliberately attracting relevant attention to your product and building initial interest. ToFu marketing content doesn’t create immediate sales but rather lays the ground for them in the future.

If you focus on creating SEO content that generates brand interest instead of immediate sales, then you can establish a stronger consumer audience, boost your CTR, and raise your SERP ranking.


Think Local

Google has also shown interest in going local. Nowadays, your content has to contend with “near me” search filters and the local Google Snack Pack.

The best way to work within these localized perimeters is to list your business through a Google My Business account. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, this Google feature will get your name circulating through the search engine’s index and ensure that consumers in your area have access to your platform.



Go Organic

You’ll also want to consider forgoing paid-for traffic in favor of its organic cousin. You won’t appear in Google’s ad block, but the naturally wrought traffic that your platform brings in will boost the value of your platform in the eyes of Google’s crawlers.

To boost your organic content, make sure you have a strong backlink network in place. Backlinks boost your site’s perceived credibility. The more authoritative you appear, the more likely audiences – and crawlers – are to believe that your site has the content and products that they need.


Prepare for the Mobile Revolution

Mobile compatibility is essential to SEO and SERP ranking success. It’s predicted that 53.9 percent of e-commerce sales will come straight for mobile devices by 2021. But even in 2019, Google ranks its indexed content with mobile traffic in mind.

It’s easier than you might think to ensure that your platform is mobile friendly.


Dominating Google isn’t a matter of keyword stuffing or SEO overload, especially not with the many updates in place designed to make Google algorithm update smarter. Instead, focus on the core of your platform. If you provide valuable content to your consumers, build a strong professional network, and stay on top of technological change, you’ll be able to keep up with Google.



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