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Technology Facts and Insights

Technology has impacted the field of marketing significantly, along with virtually every other discipline in business. In marketing, the impacts of technology facts are diverse.

Organizations are tasked with managing more marketing options than ever before, and consumers are more integrated with marketing information than they have been in the past.

Impacts on the Organization

From the organizational perspective, technology has impacted the ability to collect and organize marketing data, the channels the organization can use to reach consumers, and the process of developing different types and formats of advertising assets.

Organizations have more data, more marketing formats, and more online places to communicate with consumers (i.e. social networks, blogs, search engines, YouTube videos, etc.).

When considering the impact of technology as a marketer, what’s most important is maintaining a full scope of the relevant options and channels that can be utilized to communicate with prospective and existing consumers:

  1. Search engine results
  2. Social networks (paid and organic)
  3. Banner ads
  4. Sponsored online retail content
  5. Online reviews and ratings
  6. Blog posts and web development
  7. Online video content (paid and organic)
  8. Smartphone ad formats
  9. Tablet ad formats

Impacts on the Consumer

From the consumer side, marketing has become increasingly integrated into everyday life.

From Facebook advertising to Google paid search results, the average consumer has an increasingly personalized and data-driven exposure to ‘relevant’ ad materials.

This is all not to mention the various devices and distribution formats, spanning from computer browsers to mobile to tablet distribution.

Thanks to the enormous amount of information available, primarily from social networks and browsing behavior, consumers are also being impacted from a privacy point of view.

From what we watch on TV to who our friends are to what career paths we are on; all of this information is being utilized thanks to social networks and browser cookies. This creates accurately catered ads, albeit alongside valid concerns of privacy.

Ad Blindness

Ad blindness is another interesting outcome of modern technology-driven marketing. As consumers are exposed to more and more sponsored content, the ability to ignore marketing materials (particularly online) has grown quite high. As consumers are accosted with more and more content, they have evolved the capacity to consciously and subconsciously ignore sponsored ad content.

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