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Audience Surveys: Because Algorithms Aren’t Everything.

Perfecting your content’s SEO is all about gaming Google’s algorithms. Or is it? There’s a difference between keyword-stuffing your content and creating valuable work that attracts a hefty CTR and positive returns.

To score well in those metrics, you need to stop thinking of your content only as a way to communicate your platform’s worth to a search engine. It is that, of course, but there’s more. As in all things business, the consumer should come first.

How do you combine SEO elements with content that meets your clients’ needs? It’s simple, really. Communicate with your consumers through audience surveys, and they’ll let you know what kind of content they’re looking for.


Why Bother With Audience Surveys?

You’ve run into business surveys before. Most of the time, they’re on paper receipts that you might crumple up and throw away. And if you’re ignoring them, chances are good that others are too. Feel free to ask: are audience surveys effective?

In the age of the internet, it’s significantly easier to provide people with a convenient opportunity to give your business some feedback. Surveys help to highlight your customers’ pain points and challenges—and most importantly, the needs that your marketing campaigns need to be addressing.

In short, you can’t afford not to hear from your audience.


Understand Consumer Challenges

Your consumer surveys should identify challenges quickly, such as:


  • Difficulty loading your platform
  • Problems understanding your product’s purpose
  • Product hiccups and need for customer support
  • Thinking outside the box using your product

When you craft content for consumers to read, you want them to know that you’re aware of the challenges they’re facing. Tell them that you understand they need to budget but could benefit from your product. Alternatively, pinpoint why they’re interested in your product and fan that flame.


On its own, conducting a survey doesn’t optimize your website. However, survey results that identify your product’s perceived value or reveal doubts about your business will allow you to create content that’s captivating, as well as relevant.


Explore Your Industry’s Ongoing Evolution

You can also use a well-crafted survey to identify industry trends. If you’re identifying the challenges that consumers face when they’re considering buying your product, you can craft more effective variations of that product in the future.

For example, say a consumer survey reveals that while consumers like your wireless desk lamps, they’re burning their fingers on the bulb too frequently to find it useful. Your industry will evolve to create heat-resistant switches. Because you did your consumer research, you can create content addressing the need for this evolution and benefit from being one of the first producers to ride that wave.


How to Create a Strong Audience Survey

It’s clear that the benefit of surveys exists, but how do you create a strong one?


  • Keep your surveys short – between four and 10 questions
  • Avoid repetitive questions
  • Keep your language simple
  • Don’t offer your consumers too many choices if your survey is multiple-choice, but do keep your questions open
  • Include a “don’t know” or “not sure” option on your more complicated questions
  • Don’t hesitate to follow up on consumer questions or trends

Platforms such as SurveyMonkey and QuestionPro will help you craft an eye-catching questionnaire that you can send to your consumers via email, as a newsletter link, or as a redirect after the completion of a purchase.

Not all SEO is keyword usage or backlink networks. Sometimes, creating a strong piece of content merely requires you to reach out and touch base with the people keeping your business afloat.



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