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The Big B2B Question: What Do Your Clients Want?

Your business markets its products and services to industry peers—other businesses that will benefit from the solutions you have to offer. This involves a significant amount of relationship-building to secure sales from B2B clients.


Your peers, though, are getting younger.

Millennials in their thirties are now making waves in B2B marketing, and they’re not keen on shopping traditionally.

How can you know for sure what your new peers want from your business? And once you learn that, how can you tailor yourself appropriately and retain your sales?


Prepare for B2B Client Research Phases

As you’ve probably heard, the vast majority of millennial B2B buyers research potential partnerships before diving in purchasing. As many as 94 percent of younger buyers go into a meeting with the basics of your business already in hand.

You need to create content for your online platform that flatters your business, while also keeping you honest. Millennial B2B operators want to be able to learn about your goals, your previous partnerships and your morals, so they can determine ahead of time whether you’re a good fit for them.

When you provide them with that information – be it through social media or a content marketing campaign – you’re more likely to gain their business.


The Merits of Personal Attention

Younger B2B businesses are looking to ensure that the connections they make with your business are personal. Why?

These days, buyers are placing more importance on their industries. They’re looking for partners that can provide peer-to-peer feedback in the midst and at the end of a business relationship.


Your business can achieve this level of personalization in many ways. SEO segmentation allows you to customize the pop-ups, coupons, and sales that repeat visitors to your site are exposed to. Likewise, funnel marketing enables you to reach out to clients more frequently, building rapport and loyalty through one-on-one interactions.

The lengthy process of peer-wooing that defines B2B business relationships can actually do you some personalization favors. Take advantage of the time it takes to win clients over, and use it to provide them with valuable resources that laud your business. By using your time wisely, you’ll build a reputation as someone willing to take individual time for your audience.

In the B2B sphere, it’s better to be a master of one trade than a jack of all of them. Your clients will appreciate your dedication.


Accept Skepticism Gracefully

You should also note that younger buyers are more aware of purchasing risk and tend to be more skeptical of their business partners until they’ve laid a trusting foundation.

If you want to win the business of your millennial B2B peers, don’t be offended by a buyer’s cold shoulder—and don’t put unnecessary pressure on clients. The car-salesman approach will only drive potential business away. Instead, provide your clients with the materials they need to come to their own conclusion about your work. As long as you’ve done the right amount of content marketing, you’ll win them over with time.

So, while B2B business has transformed over the past several years, the needs of your B2B clients aren’t too difficult to discern. Approach them with patience, information, and personalized attention, and your revenue stream will soar.



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