how to use guerrilla marketing

What’s the key to Guerrilla Marketing?

Your business isn’t at war—but even so, surprise marketing tactics can do your revenue stream some good. Guerrilla marketing takes its cue from revolutions of old, and large and small businesses alike can use it to embrace spontaneity.

The secret to a strong guerrilla marketing campaign isn’t the element of surprise, though. It’s the balance of intentionality and thoughtfulness that will make your campaign look effortless.


1. Appeal to Basic Emotions

First things first: you’ll need a solid, foundational idea meant to elicit empathetic connections and intrigue from an unsuspecting audience.

Ask yourself a few questions. What are my intentions for this campaign? What do I want consumers to take away from interactions with the marketing content I place as a representative of my company?

Your end goal should be to draw more eyes to your company. No matter what kind of object you install or event you use in your campaign, your audience will come away with a particular emotional reaction. Do you want that reaction to be awe? Amusement? Concern?

Pick your emotional angle and stick to it through the planning process of your guerrilla marketing campaign. You’ll find that doing so will make your efforts hit home with a broader audience.


2. Embrace Stealth

In 2010, Coca-Cola used guerrilla marketing tactics to place a “Happiness Machine” and subsequent video out into the world. It did this without telling a single person what was going on and by using genuine, unscripted reactions from the people who interacted with the machine.

There was an essential need for stealth in Coca-Cola’s campaign, and there will be in yours, too. Stealth and subtly add a sense of realism and honesty to guerrilla marketing tactics. That sense of ambush elicits genuine curiosity in your viewing audience and encourages them to interact with the raw material you’ve put in front of them.


Be sneaky with your guerrilla advertising! Have fun with wild posting and projection advertising, as long as you do so in a careful and mindful manner.


3. Be Mindful of Accessibility

Above all else, your guerrilla marketing campaign shouldn’t be so vague or misdirected that it’s inaccessible to your audience. But what does that mean?

Yes, you want an element of surprise. But your audience should still be able to recognize that the giant candy corn you placed in the middle of a neighborhood park is meant to advertise your new line of homemade fall candies.

Guerrilla advertising is all about finding a balance in your work. There’s a sweet spot between empathetic thoughtfulness, stealth, and accessibility that you must hit in order for your tactics to be successful. Without them, you could end up like Snapple did, with a giant puddle of sticky, melted goo where an advertisement for the tasty drink once stood.



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