predicting marketing trends for 2020

What Does the 2020 Marketing Arena Look Like?

The year is more than half over, and it’s time to start looking forward. Future marketing trends will change the way we create advertisements in the coming years. But what if you could predict the future, starting now? Some of these trends are already visible. Jump on board now to save yourself some scrambling come January.


What stands out as a 2020 marketing trends?

We’ve already seen significant changes in the social media platforms that we use every day. Google has transformed SEO and made the process of indexing content more intuitive.



One of the biggest challenges in marketing trends today is the zero-click search. We want our consumers to be able to find answers to their questions quickly in our content. But Google’s Featured Snippet box sometimes answers those questions before searchers have a chance to click onto our platforms.

To combat this, you’ll need to pay more attention to your snippets—and your on-SERP SEO. Snippets need to be information-rich to catch the eye of Google’s crawlers. However, they also need to rank high up on a SERP to attract user attention.

Don’t let zero-click results become a problem for you in 2020. Not sure how to craft a featured snippet? Start here.


Voice Search

Alexa, Siri, and Cortana all work with Bing to answer mobile questions about shops, products, and business locations. What does this mean for your business? Your platform needs to be optimized for mobile in 2020, yes, but it also needs to be voice search-compatible. Question keywords will come in handy here.

The more you can use casual language in your content, the more you’ll connect with your voice audience. The more you orient your copy to answer everyday questions, the more your content will shine in a voice-search-heavy future.



Video as Content

It’s also becoming clear that text content is falling by the wayside. Static images work well enough to catch an audience’s eye, but video content has garnered the most advertising success.

As the hours that audiences spend watching video content each week continues to rise, video matters more and more. Consider strengthening (or starting) your video-oriented marketing campaigns. If it feels like a return to television advertising, don’t worry. Modern video ads need to be short, sweet, informative and appealing, but not just to boomers. Visual content is one of the best way to reach the far-more-suspicious, and elusive, millennial audience.


Social Media Campaigns > Traditional Campaigns

It’s also becoming clear that content marketing campaigns operated through blogs are less successful than social media-based marketing campaigns. Why? Over 2.27 billion monthly users operate on Facebook alone. Your audience is already on social media, be that Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. We have to go to them to draw their attention to our platforms because social media isn’t disappearing any time soon.

The aforementioned platforms are ever-evolving, both to improve user experience and safety and to help advertisers reach their preferred audiences. Facebook, in particular, through Facebook Ads, has created a business platform and marketplace that nowadays rivals Amazon.

2020’s marketing will be a year of social media and easily-accessible content—that much is already clear. The best way to keep your business modern is to keep up with the ever-changing environment of the industry.



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