Step up Your SEO Game This Fall

Step up Your SEO Game This Fall

Ah, fall. The leaves start to turn bright colors, football season begins again, and somewhere on the internet, an official at Google decides to update the SEO algorithm.

While the vast majority of Google’s updates have been relegated to the summer, you’ll begin to see the impact of those changes now, just in time for cooler weather. Want to retain business as the holiday season creeps up? It’s time to learn how to work within these new boundaries.


How? Update your SEO content production.

Consider that in 2016, 47 percent of consumers read three to five pieces of content before ever reaching out to a company representative. If you’re going to maintain your sales, you need to get that content in front of consumers’ eyes.

How better to do that than to update your SEO usage? Let’s look at some of the newer ways you can reach out to your consumers.


1. Create & Update Highly-Specialized SEO Content

You should know by now that your platform’s most effective content can’t be riddled with buzzwords. Instead, you need to carefully interweave hyper-specific keywords into equally specific content to attract audience attention.

This tactic may seem narrow, at first, but it has a broader reach than you’d think. By establishing yourself as an expert in a niche area, more consumers will flock to your work. Likewise, other industry representatives will link your content, creating a stronger backlink network for you and raising your content’s SERP rankings.


2. Work Out Content Partnerships

Collaboration is the name of the game in 2019. While many businesses may be reluctant to work with competitors, teamwork lands your content on more consumer feeds. Not only that, but the combined creativity of two marketing departments can result in unique content marketing campaigns that stretch across multiple social media platforms.

With that kind of reach at your fingertips, you’ll see your SERP rankings start to rise.



3. Combine Topic Keywords with Statistics

Speaking of backlinks, you can utilize statistic-oriented keywords to build stronger links in Google’s new SEO algorithm. Let’s break this down:

Say your business runs a survey assessing consumer satisfaction with your content. Once that survey is complete, you can present your findings in a new blog post or video. This content will find the most success when you emphasize percentages, polls, and the kind of stats that journalists like to use in their own work.

Doing so pulls double-duty for your content. For one, you’ll boost your reputation as an industry authority and interact more positively with Google’s updated crawlers. You’ll also attract the attention of content creators looking to boost their own content with authoritative links. Both of your backlink networks will thrive!


4. Reformat Your Old Content

You don’t have to let your old content fall by the wayside, either. Given Google’s recent updates, why not reformat the work you have? Go into your text content and prepare it for mobile access. Alternatively, dive into your business’ YouTube channel and cultivate your alt tags.

This reinvigoration process not only puts old content back in the spotlight, but it also encourages past consumers to revisit your work. You’ll be able to boost your content’s SERP ranking with half the effort when you reformat it!

Don’t fall behind this season. Google’s changed the SEO algorithm, and you’ll need to reconfigure your content if you want to keep up.



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