Old Content

Attract new eyes with old content? Yes, it can be done.

Creating content is an important part of maintaining your business. New content brings in new customers and helps retain existing clients, so it’s truly essential to keep all your content sources active.

Your content will benefit from the snowball effect, sure—but the fact is, older content is less likely to retain its relevance. Still, your old material may be more valuable than you think.

Keep reading, because we have a hunch you can turn that older, lesser-read content into something fresh and relevant, with just a few minor tweaks.

1. Expand Upon the Original

List-style content typically makes multiple points. For example, if you’re talking about video editing tricks, you’ll probably list a handful of tricks, with a description for each.

Those individual points can often make for great content on their own. By expanding each of those points into new, deeper pieces, you’ll be able to give your customers additional information, and you’ll get extra mileage out of your existing work.

Whenever you’re building or repurposing content, make sure you’re providing valuable insights that everyone will love: customers, potential leads, and even people who just want industry resources.

2. Turn Multiple Articles into One

You can also consider the opposite. If you create a listicle that links to more of your previous content, it creates an easy entry point for people looking for information on a certain topic. Ideally, this strategy results in viewers spending a substantial amount of time on your website.

By linking to both your own material and that of others, your customers won’t smell a self-serving advertisement for your company. Sharing important insights with the larger industry creates brand authority and builds customer trust.


3. Create Visual Content to Share

Sure, the written word is easy to share on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook—but you need to expand beyond those mediums. Platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram benefit almost exclusively from images. Consider branching out: you want your company to be visible everywhere.

This could mean creating a simple overlay on your header picture with the name of your article. It could also involve building an entire infographic from your existing written content. Visual content is a huge attention-grabber, and increasing your visual appeal will lead to more click-throughs. Which, ultimately, means more conversions.

4. Expand into E-books

Got a lot of related content already? You may have enough to bundle and offer it as an entire e-book. It sounds like a huge undertaking, but publishing an e-book isn’t particularly difficult. Examine your existing content, edit it, and maybe even add new content to tie everything together—that’s it.

An e-book can be the perfect way to give people repurposed material that has great value. Whether you sell your book or give it away as part of a newsletter sign-up, you’ll benefit substantially.

Remember the old adage: work smarter, not harder. Identify smarter ways to recycle your material, and you’ll see that work pay dividends.


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image attribution: Rawpixel.com – stock.adobe.com