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Honey, I Shrunk the Ad Space: Facebook’s Upcoming Changes

Facebook’s constant changes make running a marketing campaign on the platform a great source of consumer data and interest. However, the company’s latest advertisement formatting change may bring trouble for unprepared marketers.


Started a marketing campaign on Facebook lately? Keep these coming changes in mind.

These platform adjustments mean that advertising spots will become much more competitive. Your content will need to be unique to rank above the rest.


Keep It Fast, Keep It Short

As of August 19, 2019, Facebook intends to limit the lines of text that appear on its Newsfeed advertisements. Currently, you get seven lines. In a few weeks, that’ll shrink to three.

Users will still be prompted to click on a “read more” that appears after the lines of text—but even so, this drop is significant. Marketers won’t be able to meander to their points anymore. Instead, copy needs to be glass-sharp.

The good news is that it’s not impossible to write captivating, quick copy. Google’s new snippets cut off after 150 characters, so a clever marketer will be familiar with working with less space. But even for clever marketers, this change will significantly impact the way you market on Facebook. Time to prepare.


Aspect Changes

Likewise, Facebook intends to change its standing video and image aspect ratio. The current 2:3 of sponsored posts will be revised to a 4:5. This change will make it easier for videos and images to appear on mobile devices. If we’re to speculate, it’s likely that Facebook is chasing an increased amount of mobile traffic. Mobile searches are on the rise, and businesses need to be more mobile compatible to keep up with consumers’ preferred methods of platform interaction.


You’ll want to get on changing the ratio of any existing ad campaigns you have going soon. Any images or videos that go unchanged by August 19 will be masked from the News Feed.



That said, you don’t need to change the content of your videos or images. While these oncoming changes may feel as though they’re pushing for an increased sense of immediacy, you can be as abstract in your imagery as you like.

It’s content creators, instead, that may feel pressured. The reduced advertising space marketers will have to contend with pushes for a new sense of immediacy in ad text. Where it was in poor taste to frontload your advertising text in the past, this reduced operating room may make it necessary to share all your most important information with consumers at once.

Facebook will always be changing. These new size reductions are designed to make ad space on the platform more competitive. While your text has to be sharper and your image ratio altered, there’ll be greater opportunity for your content to shine in this new format.



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Image attribution: abdullah – stock.adobe.com