An offerwall is an in-app advertisement that operates similar to a rewarded video ad. We’ll help you use this interactive technology to incentivize your customers and build your click value.


Monetize your app and promote your brand in one go.

Offerwalls provide a store-like atmosphere for players with a “wall” of potential rewards; with this less-intrusive method of advertising, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to reach customers who might ignore a less-immerse ad.

MV3 can create an in-app advertising system that gives your customers an array of ad options in exchange for in-game rewards. These rewards can be anything: in-game currency earned by watching a video, extra life for completing a survey, and more.

Improve your user experiences.

Mobile interactions are entirely user-initiated. Players choose when and how they interact with your advertisements. A well-constructed offerwall significantly increases the CTR and watch rate for organically-generated traffic.

You can also choose the access points for your offerwall. Allow users constant access through a button in the game menu, or you can prompt players when they’re low on in-game currency or lives.

When these players receive rewards for brand interactions, they develop increasingly-positive connotations for your company name and become more valuable customers.


Sell to a larger demographic.

The gaming audience is no longer a small demographic. 70 percent of smartphone owners also use their devices to play games. At MV3, we’ll ensure that your company utilizes every modernized asset available to reach this large chunk of the market.

We’ll customize and monitor your offerwall and optimize your campaigns for maximum conversions—because we know that the best strategy is a profitable one.

The digital advertising world is changing, and we change our tactics along with it. To learn if offerwall advertising can prove successful for your strategy, contact one of our in-game specialists today.


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