Marketing Outside the Box: Attract a New Demographic

You’ve finally reach the point where your business is financially secure enough to start seeking out new audiences—but where do you start?

Understanding your product’s appeal is just one step in determining how to brand yourself to new consumers without alienating any of your loyal customer base.

As such, what are some of the best ways to diversify your consumer demographic?

1. Marry Purpose and Potential

When you’re working on a new marketing campaign, don’t be afraid to assess the value of your product from all angles to determine the demographic you think will purchase it. Is your product on the more expensive side of things? Is it designed for a highly specific or a broad use?

Expensive products won’t attract audiences of lower incomes, and products with broader uses tend to attract broader audiences. With that said, high-end, specialized products have their own audiences as well.

Do your research and find the audience that can afford and make the most use of your product. Through that research, you can identify some platforms on which you’ll want to reach out with your campaign.

Don’t forget to take note of any effective competitor strategies. You’re speaking the same language, after all.

2. Understand Demographic Motivation

Once you know where you can find your audience, start to tailor your product’s advertising to them.

For example, sustainability and reusability are great selling points that reach out to demographics invested in ethical consumption. If your product has a multi-purpose use, is made from recycled materials, or gives back to the environment, you may want to emphasize these qualities to your new sustainability-minded audience.


The trick here is to avoid making your advertisements sound like pandering. Treat your new audience with respect and offer them valuable content to accompany your product.

This way, you can begin to build consumer trust—and that, in turn, brings more eyes to your online presence.

3. Study the Competition

Finally, make sure to assess the work that your peers are doing. What keywords do your rivals use to advertise competitive products? Which industry gaps could your product fill? What content are new audiences looking for and not finding on your competitor’s platforms?

When you find those answers, you’ll be able to customize your own content to fill a need. As such, new audiences will flock to your platform and find a knowledgeable resource in you, as well as a product that may improve their lives.

Diversifying your demographic is all about filling a need for a new audience. Once you determine what that new need is and where your audience resides online, you can start reaching out and attracting a broader audience to the work that you produce.


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