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Sharing Is Caring: Are Shareable Snippets Coming Soon?

It’s already clear that featured snippets are going to be the way of the future. These rich search results pop up as boxed content on almost all of Google’s SERPs and provide consumers with immediate information, without them having to click on your content.

It’s also been shown that a strong-featured snippet will increase your content’s CTR. So, you’ll want an information-rich and SEO-compatible snippet to advertise your work.


There’s more than one reason to cultivate a strong snippet, though.

Google recently announced that the platform is, once again, testing shareable snippets. What does this mean for SEO and the reach of the snippet?


The Current State of Snippets

Before we start speculating, let’s lay some groundwork. Recently, a screenshot has been circulating the web showing a tweet-able version of your standard Google snippet. This snippet has three icons included alongside its standard text. In theory, these icons are all you need to share the snippet on social media, to open an applicable cache page, and to open the affiliated result in a new window.

Is the screenshot faked? No, it isn’t. However, you can only access shareable snippets through the current beta-tested user interface. While not everyone can jump on this bandwagon, you may have the opportunity to spread a viral screenshot of your own, sharing a lucky snippet for the world to see.


The History of Shareable Snippets

The quest for the shareable snippet isn’t a new thing. When Google+ was still operational, Google attempted to allow users to share the snippets they found on popular SERPs.

While Google+ floundered, the history of Google’s interest in the shareable snippet remains. What’s so great about the ability to share a snippet?


For one, shareable snippets have the potential to alter the way consumers search for their interests. While Google already constantly updates its SEO algorithm, the opportunity to share a snippet offers marketers a whole new advertising avenue that Google and the affiliated algorithms will have to account for.


Snippet Optimization

At this point, it seems as though Google’s shareable snippets will remain relegated to their beta test. However, if you’re looking to prepare for a shareable snippet future, you can take a few steps to raise your SERP rankings and make your page descriptions more engaging.


  • Research Your Keywords: Look to your industry competitors to see what kind of keywords make the most waves in your field. By utilizing these and other high-power keywords, you let Google’s crawlers know that you’ve invested in becoming an industry authority and answering consumers’ burning questions.
  • Don’t Keyword Stuff: Don’t overwhelm your snippet with keywords. Google can detect this SEO faux pas and will penalize you accordingly.
  • Seek out Valuable Content: Fill your snippet with content that consumers can utilize repeatedly. By creating a resource, you’ll encourage consistent content use – and better analytics, to boot.
  • Keep It Short: Finally, note that most snippets have a 60-character limit. Cut your wordage to create a concise, but still informative, snippet.

While shareable snippets are still a thing of the future, there’s no point in not preparing for them. As Google continues its test, make sure your snippet is a strong one. You just might see it circulating on social media one day.



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