Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty: The Elusive Prize

Brand loyalty. It’s that elusive, follow-you-to-the-ends-of-the-earth marketing lure that every company aims for. It’s the glimmering gold at the end of a rainbow, but it might be equally hard to pin down. How do you go about turning a one-time customer, or even a site visitor, into a lifetime consumer?

What creates a fierce brand following?

If you knew the answer to that, you wouldn’t be here—but the real answer is, there’s no one “key” to achieving a lifetime audience. Generating consumer super loyalty takes a lot of time and patience, but you can get started right away with a few simple tips:

1. Build Your Voice

If you want consumers to treat your business as more than just a name they see on the street, you’re going to need to establish your voice online and in-person. That voice will provide your business with personality.

Consider the brands you see operating on the Big Four social media platforms today. Some of them, such as Kool-Aid, have a simplistic voice that they integrate into their tweets. This simplicity allows for a multi-generational consumer appeal. Or, you can look at activity from brands such as Oreo. Most recently, this brand hopped on an online book trend that suggested using absurd things – such as Oreo milk – as a bookmark.

This “silliness-presented-straight” operates as the brand’s voice. Without this tone, consumers wouldn’t be able to connect and might overlook its products in favor of a more relatable brand (although, let’s be real… Oreos.)

2. Follow Your Leads

Once you’ve used social media or another method to connect with a potential consumer, you need to follow that lead. This involves engagement and a representation of your product’s value. Super loyal consumers need to know that they can return to your business for personalized interaction and a useful product.


The best way to build your leads is to emphasize the need you fill in the lives of your consumers. Share previous consumers’ reviews on social media and your platform to build social proof with new leads. Make sure your content has reusable value so that it can be visited repeatedly. By providing a service or offering long-term consumer satisfaction, you build the foundation of consumer loyalty.

3. Advertise with Influencers

Influencers are new to the marketing field, but their reach is unquestionable. If you’re looking to cultivate consumer trust, you can do so most effectively with the help of an influencer.

Because these faces come at consumers from a personal POV, consumers are more likely to trust them than they are traditional advertising.

4. Listen to Your Feedback

Make sure you’re listening to what your consumers are saying to you. What is it they like about your existing platform? What content changes are they looking for? When you readily respond to consumer needs, you show potential clients that you’re a person, just like them. When consumers can relate to you, they’ll be more willing to make an initial purchase.

After that point, continued engagement and segmentation is the way to go. Incentivize consumer loyalty. Offer coupons to repeat consumers. Above all, let your consumers know that you want to be a long-term part of their lives. When you do, they’ll be more likely to come back to your business when they’re in need.


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