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Go Ahead: Diversify Your Google Analytics Measurements

Google Analytics serves as the backbone of your web-based operations.

They let you know where your audience comes from, what content your viewers best engage with. And how much revenue you can garner from your interactive base. However, to promote economic growth, sometimes you need to consider your audience and analytics from a new angle.

By taking advantage of lesser-known analytic tools, you can reach out to new consumers. You can also find gaps in your marketing campaigns and fill them, increasing your revenue and audience engagement at the same time.


1. Remove Yourself from the Equation

A great way to diversify your analytics is to remove yourself from the data. Google Analytics enables you to set up filters that help prevent select behaviors from registering with its algorithm.

By keeping Google Analytics from tracking your static IP on the company network, you ensure the data points you collect about weekly hits, CTR, and SERP ranking don’t end up contaminated by in-house searching.


2. Track Onsite Searches with Google Analytics Measurements

Similarly, you can integrate a search-tracker into your own website. This mimics Google’s own collection of search data in a more contained environment.

By capitalizing on your internal search stats, you can discover which pages your audience visits most often. You can also identify paths of thought which internal or external links within your content. Prompt your audience to actually click through to further information?

Finally, internal search stats can also help you find holes in your content. Is your consumer audience frequently searching for something that you don’t host? Are they asking questions that you haven’t answered through your platform yet?


If so, and you notice the lapse via internal search stats, you can fill that content need without issue.


3. Take Advantage of Social Media

If you’re not tracking your audience’s interaction with your social media accounts, you’re behind the analytic curve. Basic Analytics Measurements can help you determine how much traffic comes to your website through your social platforms.

When you include social media in your ROI models, you can determine if, and how, you need to increase brand interaction online. You can also gauge the success of social media engagement in previous marketing campaigns.

If you want a new perspective on your business’ interactive success and the audience engagement of your audience, try some of these different analytic tools. You can identify marketing gaps that you hadn’t noticed before, and discover the areas that currently work.

This new perspective will then ensure the next marketing strategy comes from a new and necessary angle, engaging with loyal clients and untapped audiences alike.



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